5 Best Gaming Glasses For Kids in 2023! [Buying Guide]

Do you want to enjoy games without developing any vision problems? One can’t keep their eyes off the game even for a second which results in severe eye strain, fatigue, headache, dry eyes, blurry visions, and whatnot. To give your eyes ultimate protection from the rays emitted from digital screens you need to get yourself a gaming glasses. Especially if your kid is a game addict then you should purchase any best gaming glasses for kids before it gets too late because with age their vision problems will get worse and put them in great trouble.

The best gaming glasses for kids comes with specially coated lenses that work to block the harmful rays and relieve all kind of pain, strain, fatigue, etc. By wearing glasses while playing your kid will find a big relief and can play their favorite video games without any hitch.

However, finding the best glasses for your champ could be time taking and confusing too. No worries, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to discuss the 5 best gaming glasses for kids in detail along with a simple buying guide that’ll help you purchase one best from the rest.

5 Best Gaming Glasses For Kids in 2023!

1. Gunnar Optiks

First on our list of best gaming glasses for kids are Gunnar optiks. This is the overall best product that not only protects your eyes but also gives the ultimate comfort and makes sure to not disturb your kid while playing games. Let’s start with the design of this product. Honestly, the glasses come with the standard design having a common frame but the temple area is exceptionally amazing.

It is slightly curved in the inward direction that works to grip your ears properly without causing any pain in them. That means during prolonged gaming sessions you need not worry about any ear pains while wearing them. The frame is made up of hard acetate a plastic-like material having glossy black finishing and the inside area of the temple is covered with red rubber for high-end grip yet stability.

It contains amber lenses that claim to block 65% of the blue light effortlessly. So if you’re suffering from any eye strain, fatigue, pain, headaches or anything get yourself these glasses to get excellent level protection. Those who spend hours in front of the screen and have a future in gaming should get gaming glasses to protect their eyesight.

Don’t worry about the sizes as the item comes with the 3 nose bridges and 3 temple options so you can choose the one that goes with your face shape and size too. Another amazing thing is you can use them as sunglasses too as it is equipped with interchangeable sun lenses. Don’t worry you’ll not need to pay any extra money for the sunglasses. Lastly, the item is durable enough to combat all bumps and drops without any breakage.


  • Excellent protection
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • Amazing grip
  • Good material
  • High-end protection
  • Offers interchangeable sun lenses
  • Durable
  • High quality


  • Expensive

2. HORUS X- Blue light blocking glasses

Are you looking for affordable yet best gaming glasses for kids? This one is for you. Those who required sunglasses only for eyesight protection and don’t demand anything more from them should go for Horus X gaming glasses. The glasses are unisex which makes them an ideal choice for men, women, and kids. If we talk about the design of the glasses, then it’s very simple and comes lightweight so you’ll have any trouble while wearing them.

To ensure high-end comfort, it has a 2x thicker temple frame that keeps you relaxed no matter how long you’re wearing the glasses. Moreover, the glasses are equipped with a high-end filter that works to reduce glare resulting in no eye fatigue or eye strain.

The glasses are highly efficient and claim to block 100% UV and 100% blue light rays to protect your eyes from any damage. The material used in the frame is polycarbonate which is undoubtedly durable and long-lasting. It only weighs 27g making the glasses light as a feather offers perfect comfort and high quality. Lastly, the temples of this item are thin yet round in shape so you can easily fit your headphones without developing any pain or discomfort.


  • Excellent material
  • Efficient performance
  • Super comfort
  • Featherweight
  • Compact design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Reduces glare


  • No nose pads for support

3. Gunar Optiks Gaming & Computer Glasses

If you find the other two picks not suitable for you then we’d suggest you go for this one. It is undoubtedly one of the best gaming glasses for kids and worth your money too. The glasses are based on the modern design having a simple yet sleek appearance available in black and orange color. It has a sturdy frame that comes with enough capacity to withstand the drop or scratches and is durable.

To provide the user ultimate stability and comfort, they add a multi-barrel hinge on the temple which means you’ll not have any soreness that mostly occurs due to pressure. It has a unique design created in a way to limit the air near the eyes so you’ll not have any eye irritation or dryness complaints.

Moreover, the glasses’ lens and frame are entirely covered with a hard coating that provides additional durability and safety from scratches. It is equipped with the focus-enhancing patented lens that works to reduce eye fatigue, headaches, eye strain, dry eyes, eye irritation, migraines, etc which mostly occur due to sitting in front of screens for longer durations. Furthermore, it works amazingly to block 65% of the blue light as the glasses contain an amber-tinted lens. Don’t stress about the blurry images while wearing these glasses because the lens is created with pure material that excludes all the impurities to provide you with clear images.

Don’t worry about the glare and reflections the lens is already amazing enough to eliminate any visual stress coming your way. If you’re looking for glasses with high protection yet having the best value for money then you should go for this one.


  • High quality
  • Clear images
  • 65% blue light blocking
  • Reduces glare or reflections
  • Protect eyes and saves you from headaches
  • Durable
  • Based on patented lens technology
  • Improves natural sleep


  • Not so comfortable

4. 99.9% Blue light glasses

The fourth product in our list of best gaming glasses for kids is 99.9% blue light glasses. Are you tired of migraines and looking for something that gives you relief? Is your kid complains of headache after every gaming session? This one is for you then. These glasses are created by Sleep ZM based on a very common yet minimalist design.

The frame comes in black color and the lenses are in orange color. It undoubtedly gives your kids a gamer look. Due to the rim shape, you can easily have horizontal and vertical vision without blockage. The manufacturer has created a thin temple in these glasses to put less pressure on the ears while wearing them. It blocks 99.9% of the blue light improves sleep, and reduce eye strain, migraine and headaches.

Due to the deep amber orange lens, your eyes will easily focus on anything and stay relaxed throughout the screen time. It is equipped with UV 400 technology that works to protect your eyes and reduces dryness or irritation. Not only this, the glasses are based on anti-glare technology and anti-radiation technology to give your eyes a big relief and save your eyesight from any big trouble.

Honestly, if eye protection is your concern, then no other glasses could be better than this. Nevertheless, you can even sleep easily no matter how long you spend your time in front of the screen but make sure to wear them otherwise your circadian rhythm will get disturbed.


  • Good quality
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Impressive protection
  • Anti-glare technology
  • Anti-radiation technology
  • Reduces headaches
  • Recovers circadian rhythm


  • Fitting isn’t up to the mark
  • Not so durable

5. Gunnar gaming and computer glasses

Here comes our last product which is also from the Gunnar store comes with excellent ratings and good reviews. It is one of the best gaming glasses for kids and is suitable for those who’re looking for thin frame glasses. How about getting glasses with a sleek and slim look yet high-end protection? This item from Gunnar is available at a good price, with excellent design and superb performance.

The frame is completely slim from the rim to the temple tip and the rim comes in an oval shape to provide you good vertical line view. It has a gold-brown color giving the glasses a very sophisticated look and is equipped with amber lenses. The product contains a patented lens that is approved by doctors and works to protect your eyesight yet boost your vision. When it comes to protection, the item doesn’t disappoint us.

It blocks 65% of the blue light and 100% of UV light which means your eyes will be safe during the long gaming sessions. Due to the anti-reflective protection, you’ll be complaining of any issues including migraines, headaches, blurry visions, dry eyes, eye strain, and fatigue. Not only this, but your sleep will also get better if you incorporate these glasses into your daily life and wear them during gaming sessions.


  • Slim design
  • Good material
  • Anti-reflective
  • Reduces eyes issues
  • Blocks UV light 100% and 65% blue light


  • Not so long-lasting
  • Quality isn’t satisfactory

What Factors to Look Before Buying Best Gaming Glasses for Kids

Selecting one best from the rest could be a very confusing yet difficult task for you. Do you know which are the important factors that one should consider while purchasing a gaming glasses? We’re here to help you with that. These are the criteria that we consider while making a purchase of any glasses and you should also consider these factors during buying the best gaming glasses for kids.


One of the major factors, when you’re going out to buy anything, is the price and you can’t ignore it right? Before checking the list of items available in the market, check your budget first and keep in mind your budget limit so that it’ll be easy for you to select one best that falls under your budget limit. Above we’ve mentioned the products from expensive to affordable so choose the one that goes with your budget.


Get yourself the glasses that suit your personality. There are items available with the sleek design, heavy frames, unique style, and whatnot. Choose the design that goes with your face and makes you feel comfortable too. Don’t just attract by the appearance, make sure to check whether the glasses you choose are comfortable to wear or not.


There is no use in purchasing the glasses if they don’t block the blue light, and UV radiations, reducing glares and reflection. One should go for the one that provides you the ultimate protection from the blue light, UV radiations, glares, and reflections and keep your eyes safe from any issues. Find the one that reduces eye strain, fatigue, headaches, and migraines and improves your sleep pattern too.


Some glasses come with very heavyweight and hard temples, have no nose pads on the bridges that put the user in discomfort, and instead of getting relief from the eye issues or headache, they start having more pain. Make sure to get yourself the glasses available in lightweight, equipped with nose pads, thin temples, or the ones with great grip.


How do blue light blocking glasses work for gaming?

Blue light glasses work to reduce the light emits from the screen without compromising the colors to minimize headaches, and eye tensions and improve sleep patterns.

Which are the best gaming glasses?

Honestly, Gunnar is the leader in the glasses market these days due to high-quality products and excellent protection. Their glasses work perfectly to reduce eye problems and improve sleep.

Is it fine to wear gaming glasses all day long?

It is good to wear gaming glasses when you’re working on the computer or during gaming sessions. However, you can also wear them anytime as there is no harmful effect of them the glasses work to block the UV rays and gives you big relief from dry eyes issues.


If you are a parent who is looking for the best gaming glasses for your child, we hope that this article has been helpful. We’ve provided information on what to look for when purchasing gaming glasses and reviewed some of the best-selling models on the market. Gunnar offers great variety of gaming glasses made up of high quality and provides excellent protection. Now it’s up to you to decide which pair of gaming glasses is right for your child. You can choose the one that suits your child eyes and your pocket.

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