5 Best Sunglasses For Men in 2024!

Without wearing sunglasses the summer look of men is incomplete. It is one of the incredible accessories that not only give ultimate protection from the sun during bright sunny days but also give you a perfect look. By wearing the right glasses that go with your face shape and personality you’ll surely stand out from the crowd.

Have you ever noticed that your personality charm and looks get a boost right after you wear sunglasses? This shows how important this accessory is not only for men but also for women. Most people prefer wearing sunglasses on sunny days in winter too and that undoubtedly makes them look classy along with giving ultimate protection from sun rays.

There are many brands available in the market offering multiple sunglasses with different styles and shapes. Choosing the best that suits your face could be a hard decision but not impossible. Fortunately, we’ve already made the research for you and selected the best sunglasses for men that goes with every face shape incredibly.

Whether you need shades for yourself or want to gift them to anyone, go for any of the items we’re going to discuss below. Don’t forget to read the buying guide to get a better idea about making the right purchase.

Best Sunglasses For Men

1. Ray-Ban Rb3016

First on our list of best sunglasses for men is Ray-Ban RB3016. These glasses are available in a variety of colors but we’d suggest you go for the black or black on gold ones because these colors will not only make you look incredible but also enhance your personality. The product has 100% acetate and a metal frame equipped with a non-polarized crystal lens. Don’t worry about the stability or losing issues, the metal will provide you with the ultimate grip you’ve been looking for.

Due to the UV protection coating, the glasses provide ultimate protection against sun rays and help you walk in the sun effortlessly. Whether you required the shades to add a charm to your style or to protect the eyes from the harmful sunrays this one is best for you. it has a trendy design that never goes out of fashion but the selection of color matters the most.

Wearing the right sunglasses, that meets your requirements and suit your personality will give you the confidence to walk in the crowd and undoubtedly make you a crowd puller. Moreover, the glasses also work to block the blue light which means you’ll never feel any pain or dryness in your eyes while wearing them. This product is unisex so women and men both can wear them but make sure to check if it’ll suit you or not.

Best sunglasses for round faces Male:

Lastly, the glasses will look perfect on the round faces and It’s made for the people with round faces. However, if you have an oval face shape or square face shape and you like the design of these glasses then you can try it too but we’d suggest that people with round faces select these glasses.

  • Premium quality
  • Excellent design
  • Classic appearance
  • Stable frame
  • UV protection
  • Good price
  • Long-lasting
  • Some users complain of discomfort while wearing them

2. Rayban Wayfarer RB2132 Sunglasses

Are you looking for square-shaped sunglasses? This one is for you. It is the second-best sunglasses for men and women both but preferably for men. It comes in a smaller frame and is equipped with a softer eye shape that’ll give you a perfect look for sure. The glasses are created with the premium material which offers great strength yet stability. The frame is constructed with the nylon frame which is already famous for its lightweight and high-end comfort.

You’ll never complain of any weight or discomfort on the nose or ear areas due to the super comfortable frame. Not only this but the nylon frame is durable enough to stay with you for a longer period no matter how frequently you use it. The lenses used in these shades are g-15 made up of glass and created to provide your eyes great protection against sun rays. Moreover, the item is available in different colors so choose anyone for yourself wisely.

These glasses offer an excellent fit and provide a better view. You’ll never complain of any color or clarity issues while wearing them. It comes in different sizes so you can easily choose the one that meets your comfort level. Furthermore, the lenses used in these glasses offer 100% UV protection and due to precision cut lenses the eye strain due to glared and reflections will be lower or you can say highly reduced.

Who can use this product?

Whether you need glasses for sunny days or want to wear them on cloudy or hazy days this one will be good for you. I’d recommend these sunglasses to the ones with round faces as these are mainly made for them. However, if it goes with your face and personality then why not choose it.

  • Premium quality
  • Good buildup
  • Super comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good stability and grip
  • Suitable for round faces
  • UV protection
  • Reduces eyes strain
  • Frame finishing isn’t up to the mark

3. ZENOTTIC Polarized Sunglasses

The third item in our list of best sunglasses for men is zenottic polarized sunglasses. These glasses are made with high-quality TR90 which is already famous for durability, comfortability, and lightweight. This material is created through Swiss technology and is undoubtedly a resilient thermoplastic memory material. The frame used in the construction of these glasses is highly flexible to adjust according to your face shape and size.

Due to the ultra-lightweight properties, you’ll never feel any pressure and weight around your ears and nose bridge. Moreover, the product is equipped with non-slip nose pads that work to keep the glasses in their place. Not only this but the nose pads will make you feel comfortable and keeps your skin safe from any rashes.

The item is based on a unique flex hinges design that means your head will not go through any pressure while wearing these glasses. The lens comes with a UV400 protection coating that works to block the UVA, UVB, and UVC rays effortlessly.

Not only this, the polarized lens works to show the true colors of everything and blocks the reflected or scattered light from entering your eyes. These glasses have excellent contrast levels and anti-glare properties that keep the eyes safe. Moreover, the TAC lens used in these glasses has lightweight, super durable, and offers impact-resistant and scratch-resistant features.

By wearing these square frame designs you’ll undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.

Best Sunglasses for oval Face shape:

The square frames are mainly for the people with round faces but it goes well with the ones having an oval or diamond-shaped face. Lastly, the product offers a lifetime warranty to the user.


• Good quality frame

• Polarized TAC lens

• Ultra lightweight

• Super skin-friendly

• Comfortable to wear

• Non-slip nose pads and flexible hinges

• All-rounder

• Durable and flexible

• Lifetime warranty


• Lens quality is not satisfactory

4. Oakley Men Oo9625 Sunglasses

This is the fourth item in our list of best sunglasses for men. It comes with a plastic frame equipped with UV-protected coating lenses that keeps your eyes safe from harmful UV rays. The lenses used in these glasses offer 100% UV protection and work to filter the UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Not only this, but the glasses will also protect your eyes from the blue light’s worse effects. It has lightweight and offers you such a superior comfort that you’ll not get from any other item. Don’t worry about vision problems while wearing these glasses. It offers great clarity and provides a clear vision.

The glasses are based on the PRIZM lens technology whose main function is to boost the color and contrast level plus help you watch everything without any hindrance. These are mainly designed to be used on bright sunny days and by wearing them you’ll enjoy seeing vibrant, natural, and richer detail of everything outside.

Moreover, the frame has stress-resistant properties and offers all-day-long comfort to the user. Don’t worry about any pressure or pain on the nose or ears due to the lightweight and snug fit.

Best sunglasses for round face

Whether you have a round face, oval-shaped, or diamond one, these glasses will go perfectly with your face.

  • Premium quality
  • Superior comfort
  • Snug fit
  • Clear vision
  • Ultimate protection
  • Stress-resistant
  • High strength and flexibility
  • Durable
  • Lenses can get scratched easily
  • Finishing isn’t good

5. Oakley Men’s Oo9380

The last product we have on our list of best sunglasses for men is Oakley Men’s Oo9380. The item is made up of a plastic frame equipped with non-polarized lenses covered with a UV-protected coating that keeps the eye safe from the harmful sun rays and reflections.

Not only this, but you’ll also get ultimate protection from blue light up to 400mm which is quite impressive. The material used to make lenses are of high quality, makes you feel super comfortable and is lightweight too.

Furthermore, by wearing these glasses you’ll not complain of color contrast or any clarity issues as it offers excellent vision clarity to the users. Due to the patented high-definition optics, you’ll enjoy having razor-sharp vision with a high-end clarity level even in your peripheral angles. It is created with the O-mattress frame famous for lightweight, super comfort, and stability.

Due to the amazing flexibility, it can easily adjust to any face shape and size without causing any pressure on your ears or nose areas. It is equipped with the three-point fit properties which means the nose bridges and temples will keep the glasses in their place and the lenses will stay in the right alignment. Lastly, the glasses embedded with the unobtainium nose pads which are rarely present in common shades offer superb grip and customized yet secure fitting.

Who can use this product?

This one comes in a rectangular shape suitable for people with round faces and the one with an oval face shape.

  • Superior quality
  • Featherweight
  • Customize fit
  • High-end protection
  • Impressive grip
  • Super stable
  • Incredible nose pads
  • Supreme clarity
  • Superior comfort
  • Satisfactory flexibility
  • Poor buildup
  • Lacks durability

Buying Guide on Best Sunglasses For Men

Purchasing one best item out of hundreds of products available in the market could be hard. When you’re going to purchase the sunglasses there are a few features that one should keep in mind. The main thing to consider is the features that you require on your sunglasses.


First of all, check the material and quality of the product. Some of the items come with excellent quality but the material used in them is not comfortable or in some cases is not good enough to make any purchase. One should check if the material used in the glasses is skin-friendly, lightweight, and of high quality.


One should get the right frame according to their face shape and features. Who wants to purchase the shades that have poor grip on the nose bridge area or go beyond your ears. Similarly, purchasing a frame that is too tight to fit your face is also not suitable. Check the size of your face and then select the shades that go according to your face shape and features.

Sunglasses shape

This is one of the major things to consider when you’re going out to purchase sunglasses. If the shape of the shades doesn’t suit your face then it’ll make you look dull and take away all the charm of your personality. That’s why one should make the selection of shape very carefully by keeping in mind your face shape. There are different shapes of shades available in the market including square, round, rectangular, aviators, etc but not every shape is suitable for every face.

Round face

Those who have a round face can go for the shades with a square shape that’ll enhance your features and make you look good.

Square Face

The people with a square face shape can choose the sunglasses with a round shape that’ll give a soft look to you.

Oval Shape

Well, most shapes look perfect on the oval faces but just make sure to not purchase the glasses which are bigger than your actual face size.

Heart Shape & Diamond Shape

If you have a heart shape face cut then go for the shades with sharp lines and corners. The people with the diamond face shape can use the shades of any shape except the one with an irregular fit.


Which is the popular shape in men’s sunglasses?

Most famous brands come up with different shapes including D frames, square wayfarers, aviators, and round and vintage sunglasses.

Do the sunglasses offer UV protection?

Yes, most sunglasses come with 100% UV protection properties which means the lens will protect your eyes from UVA, UVB, UVC rays, and blue light too.

Is it okay to use polarized sunglasses?

The polarized sunglasses don’t offer UV rays protection but they work to provide you a clear vision and reduces eye strain too. Those who complain of eye squinting issues while wearing sunglasses should shift to the polarized lens.


In this article, we’ve mentioned the best sunglasses for men in detail along with the buying guide. One should go for the frame that suits their face shape and are comfortable too. When it comes to shades, not every item suits everyone, one should go for the one that looks good on your face.

Aviators, wayfarer, round, oval every other shade shape is good if it suits your features. Make sure to check if the sunglasses provide UV protection, clear vision and reduce eye strain or not.

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