Do Pro Gamers Wear Glasses in 2023? Improving Vision and Performance

Many people wonder, “Do pro gamers wear glasses?” The answer is yes, some professional gamers wear specialized glasses designed to reduce eye strain and enhance their gaming experience.

I covered the reasons behind pro gamers wearing glasses, the types of glasses available for them, and the benefits these glasses provide.

Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Glasses?

Reducing Eye Strain and Enhancing Performance

Pro gamers spend long hours in front of screens, which can lead to eye strain and fatigue. Specialized gaming glasses help reduce eye strain by filtering out harmful blue light emitted by screens. This, in turn, can improve a gamer’s performance by allowing them to play for extended periods without discomfort.

Correcting Vision

Some pro gamers wear glasses to correct vision issues, such as nearsightedness or astigmatism, which can impact their gaming performance. In such cases, prescription glasses are a necessity for these players.

Types of Gaming Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are designed to filter out the blue light emitted by screens. This type of light has been linked to eye strain, sleep disruption, and even long-term eye damage. By wearing blue light blocking glasses, pro gamers can protect their eyes and maintain optimal gaming performance.

Prescription Gaming Glasses

For pro gamers with vision problems, prescription gaming glasses are necessary. These glasses combine the benefits of blue light blocking lenses with a prescription to correct the individual’s vision. As a result, they can play their best while safeguarding their eyes from potential damage.

Benefits of Gaming Glasses for Pro Gamers

Improved Comfort and Performance

Wearing gaming glasses can help pro gamers stay comfortable during long gaming sessions. The reduction in eye strain allows players to maintain focus and perform at their best, even during marathon gaming sessions.

Long-Term Eye Health

Using gaming glasses may contribute to the long-term health of a pro gamer’s eyes. By blocking harmful blue light and reducing eye strain, these glasses can help prevent potential eye issues later in life.

Do Pro gamers have better eyesight?

Studies suggest that pro gamers may have better visual acuity and reaction times compared to non-gamers. For instance, some studies have shown that expert gamers can detect small details in images more accurately than non-gamers, indicating better spatial resolution. Similarly, esports athletes were found to have faster reaction times than non-athletes.

While these findings suggest that pro gamers may have certain advantages when it comes to visual processing, it’s worth noting that they are still vulnerable to eye strain and other vision problems associated with prolonged screen time. Therefore, it’s essential to take breaks and follow good eye care practices, such as maintaining proper distance from the screen and adjusting the brightness and contrast of the display.

Key Stats for Gaming Glasses

Key Stats for Gaming Glasses
Percentage of Pro Gamers Using GlassesApproximately 30-50%
Types of Gaming GlassesBlue Light Blocking, Prescription
Average Price Range$20 – $150
Main BenefitsImproved Comfort, Performance, Eye Health
Primary UsersPro Gamers, Casual Gamers, Office Workers


Can anyone wear gaming glasses?

Yes, gaming glasses can be beneficial for anyone who spends long periods in front of screens, not just pro gamers. Casual gamers, office workers, and anyone who uses digital devices can benefit from wearing these glasses.

Do gaming glasses really work?

Gaming glasses have been shown to reduce eye strain and improve visual comfort for many users. While individual experiences may vary, many gamers find that wearing gaming glasses helps them maintain focus and perform better during long gaming sessions.

Are gaming glasses expensive?

The cost of gaming glasses varies depending on the brand, features, and prescription requirements. However, many affordable options are available, making them accessible for gamers on any budget.

Final thoughts on Do pro gamers wear glasses?

Many professional gamers do wear glasses, particularly gaming glasses, to protect their eyes during long gaming sessions. Gaming glasses are specifically designed to reduce eye strain, filter blue light, and enhance visual clarity, which can be essential for maintaining focus and performance during competitive gaming.

Pro gamers often spend several hours a day in front of screens, practicing and participating in tournaments. As a result, they are more susceptible to digital eye strain and other negative effects of prolonged screen exposure. Wearing gaming glasses can help alleviate these issues, potentially improving their in-game performance and overall eye health.

That being said, not all pro gamers wear glasses. Some may use contact lenses or have no vision correction needs. The choice to wear gaming glasses or other corrective eyewear depends on individual preferences and specific vision requirements.

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