How to Fix Sunglasses That Are Too Wide for Your Face? [10 Ultimate Best Tips]

Are your new sunglasses too wide for your face? Don’t worry, there are some easy solutions to fix sunglasses that are too wide so they fit you properly. With a few simple adjustments, you can make those oversized shades work for you.

Why Sunglasses May Be Too Wide

There are a few common reasons why your sunglasses might be too wide:

  1. You have a narrow face shape. Sunglasses are designed to fit average size faces. If you have a particularly narrow face, standard sizing likely won’t work.
  2. You ordered the wrong size online. When shopping online, it’s hard to tell if the measurements will fit your face. Measuring guidelines aren’t always accurate.
  3. You need a child’s size. If you have a very small face, you may need to size down to sunglasses designed for kids.
  4. You’re in between sizes. Your face shape and size may fall in between the available sizes for a particular pair of sunglasses.

How To Tell If Your Sunglasses Are Too Wide

Here are some signs that your sunglasses are too wide:

  1. The temples extend past your face on the sides
  2. The sunglasses shift around and don’t stay in place
  3. You can see visible gaps between the frame and your brow
  4. The bridge gapes away from your nose
  5. The lenses are too wide and expose your eyes on the edges

10 Tips For Fix Sunglasses That Are Too Wide

Luckily, there are many DIY solutions for fixing ill-fitting sunglasses at home:

1. Adjust The Temples

If the arm pieces (temples) are too long, you can carefully bend them inward to shorten the length so they fit closer to your head. Grip the temples at the bendable part and pinch together.

Be careful not to bend them too far inward as this can break them. Try small adjustments at a time, trying the glasses on as you go until the temples are the optimal length.

2. Use Temple Savers/Pad Huggers

These small adjustable sleeves slip onto the temples to shorten their length. They are made of rubber or silicone and can be found in various sizes to custom fit. Temple savers minimize gaps between the frame and your head for a secure fit.

3. Replace The Temple Tips

Many sunglasses allow you to remove the temple tips or ear pieces. Replace the original long temples with shorter, narrower ones to bring the frame in closer to your face. Make sure the replacement parts properly attach to the frame arm.

4. Use Sizing Tape

Small pieces of double sided tape can be applied to both inside arms of the sunglasses frame. Position the tape where the frame hits your temple/side of head. The tape will take up any extra space for no slippage.

5. Swap Out the Nose Pads

Nose pads that are too wide for your nose bridge can make frames loose. Get nose pads made of silicone or rubber in smaller sizes and switch them out. Make sure you get the right shape and fit for your particular pair of sunglasses.

Proper fitting nose pads will anchor the frame in place.

6. Add Cushioning to The Bridge

If the bridge is loose, add some foam or rubber cushion pads. Cut small pieces and apply them to the bridge until it’s snug against your nose. Press on the padding to adhere it. The cushioning fills in any gaps.

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7. See an Optician

For a more customized fit, take your sunglasses to an optician or eyeglass repair shop. They can heat up the frame and bend it in carefully to fit your face. This works better for metal frames rather than plastic.

Ask them to adjust the temples and bridge for ideal positioning.

8. Order Lens Inserts

You can find custom sized lens inserts that fit inside the existing larger lenses. These are essentially a second layer that sits against your eyes to reduce lens width. Make sure you order inserts specifically made for your brand and style of sunglasses.

9. Use Adhesive Foam Padding

Self-adhesive foam strips added to the inside edges of the lenses will take up space to prevent side-gaping. Measure and cut the foam to fit all edges, peel off the backing and press into place. The foam also helps block sunlight leakage.

10. Add Elastic Bands

Small elastic bands hooked around the temples help anchor loose sunglasses in position. Loop a band around each temple end and situate it against your head. The elastic tension eliminates wiggle room for a snugger fit.

When To Consider Buying New Sunglasses

If your sunglasses are severely oversized and these DIY hacks don’t fix the fit enough, it may be time to size down and buy a properly fitting pair. Consider kids sizes, petite styles, and narrow shaped frames.

When shopping, ask an optician to measure your face and suggest brands/styles that will fit you best. Make sure to try frames on in the store with the help of an employee.

Ill-fitting sunglasses not only look awkward, but can also impact vision. Taking steps to adjust or replace oversized shades ensures your eyes stay properly protected from the sun.

Faqs About Fixing Sunglasses That Are Too Wide

How Much Can You Bend Sunglass Frames Without Breaking Them?

You should only bend metal and plastic frames a small amount at a time, such as a few millimeters. Any more and you risk cracking or snapping them. Go slow and gently when adjusting the shape.

Can Opticians Adjust Plastic Frames?

Yes, opticians can heat and mold both plastic and metal frames to make minor sizing adjustments. Plastic can be tricky to work with so it’s best done by a professional rather than trying DIY methods.

Do Nose Pads Really Help Sunglasses Fit Better?

Yes, nose pads play an important role in stabilizing sunglasses on your face. Replacing ill-fitting nose pads with better sized ones can eliminate slippage and gaps for improved fit.

What Are Pad Huggers?

Pad huggers, also called temple savers, are small sleeves that slip onto the sunglass temples to shorten their length. Made of rubber or silicone, they customize the width of the temples for a better fit.

Can You Put Smaller Lenses In Bigger Frames?

It is possible to order custom lens inserts that fit inside larger, oversized frames to cut down the lens width. Make sure you get inserts specifically made for your existing sunglass model.

Conclusion on Fix Sunglasses That Are Too Wide:

Don’t abandon your new shades just because they’re uncomfortably wide. With some simple adjustments like bending the frames, adding padding, or sizing accessories, you can tweak most oversized sunglasses to fit nicely. Experiment with different DIY solutions to find what works best for your particular face and frame size. Achieving that perfect, gap-free fit will have your new shades feeling like they were made just for you.


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