How Do You Say Sunglasses in Spanish?

How Do You Say Sunglasses in Spanish?

There are several ways to say “sunglasses” in Spanish. The most common way is “gafas de sol”. This is a feminine noun, so it takes a feminine article (la) and a feminine adjective (sol).

For example, you would say “las gafas de sol” (the sunglasses).

Another way to say “sunglasses” is “lentes de sol”. This is a masculine noun, so it takes a masculine article (el) and a masculine adjective (sol). For example, you would say “los lentes de sol” (the sunglasses).

In Latin America, you may also hear people say “anteojos de sol”. This is another way to say “sunglasses” and it is also a masculine noun. For example, you would say “los anteojos de sol” (the sunglasses).

Here are some examples of how to use the different ways to say “sunglasses” in Spanish:

Necesito comprar unas gafas de sol. (I need to buy some sunglasses.)

¿Dónde dejaste tus lentes de sol? (Where did you leave your sunglasses?)

Me gustan esos anteojos de sol. (I like those sunglasses.)

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