How Many Stitches in a Baseball? Best Answer and More [2023]

Ever wondered how many stitches in a baseball? The answer is 108. That’s right, there are 108 double stitches on a baseball, or 216 single stitches. This number has been the standard since the 1920s, when the American and National Leagues standardized the size and weight of the baseball.

In this article, I will answer some of the most common questions about the number of stitches in a baseball. I will also provide some additional information that you may not have known before.

What is the significance of the number of stitches on a baseball?

The number of stitches on a baseball is significant for several reasons.

1.      Durability

First, it helps to keep the ball together. The stitches provide a strong, durable bond between the two pieces of leather that make up the ball. Without the stitches, the ball would be more likely to tear or break.

2.      Performance

Second, the number of stitches affects the aerodynamics of the ball. The stitches create a rough surface that helps to create drag, which makes the ball travel more slowly through the air. This is important because it helps to keep the ball in the strike zone for the batter.

3.      Control

Third, the number of stitches affects the feel of the ball for the batter. The stitches provide a bit of give when the ball is hit, which helps the batter to control the ball better.

4.      Tradition:

Finally, the 108-stitch design is simply traditional. Baseballs have been made with this number of stitches for over a century, and it’s a design that has stood the test of time.

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How are baseballs stitched?

Baseballs are stitched by hand using a waxed thread. The process is quite time-consuming and requires a great deal of skill. Here are the steps involved in stitching a baseball:

  1. The first step is to cut two pieces of leather to the correct size. These pieces are called the “cover” and the “core.” The cover is made from cowhide, while the core is made from cork.
  2. The cover is then dampened to make it more pliable.
  • A layer of wool yarn is then wrapped around the core. This helps to give the ball its shape and weight.
  1. The two pieces of leather are then brought together and sewn together using a figure-eight pattern. The stitches are spaced evenly around the ball, and each stitch is about an inch long.
  2. Once the ball is stitched, it is passed through a rolling machine to smooth out the stitches and give the ball its final shape.
  3. The ball is then inspected to make sure that it meets the required specifications.


Do all baseballs have 108 stitches?

No, not all baseballs have 108 stitches. Some youth baseballs have fewer stitches, while some souvenir baseballs have more. However, the 108-stitch design is the standard for Major League Baseballs.

What happens if a baseball loses a stitch?

If a baseball loses a stitch, it is still playable. However, the ball may not be as durable or perform as well as a ball with all of its stitches.

Can a baseball be overstitched?

Yes, a baseball can be overstitched. This can happen if the stitches are too tight or if there are too many stitches. An overstitched baseball may be too heavy or difficult to grip.

What is the difference between a baseball and a softball?

The main difference between a baseball and a softball is the size and weight of the ball. A baseball is smaller and lighter than a softball. It also has fewer stitches.

What is the history of the number of stitches on a baseball?

The number of stitches on a baseball has changed over time. In the early days of baseball, there were fewer stitches on the ball. However, as the game evolved, it became clear that more stitches were needed to make the ball more durable. The 108-stitch design was first introduced in the 1920s and has been the standard ever since.

Bottom Line: How many stitches in a baseball

The number of stitches on a baseball is an important part of the design of the ball. It helps to make the ball more durable, aerodynamic, and playable. The 108-stitch design is the standard for Major League Baseballs and has been for over a century.

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