How to Clean Cycling Sunglasses in 10 Simple Steps? [2023]

Learning how to clean cycling sunglasses properly is crucial for clear vision and eye health on rides. But what’s the best way to clean sweat, dirt and grime off your sunglasses without damaging them.

In this quick guide, I’ll give you the lowdown on how to clean your cycling shades so you can see the road ahead and look stylish doing it.

Hey fellow cycling enthusiasts! If you’re anything like me, you rely on your cycling sunglasses to combat harsh sunlight and keep your eyes safe on every ride. But have you ever finished up a long, intense ride only to realize your lenses are so coated in grime you can barely see through them Yeah, been there too.

Not fun when your trusty cycling shades get so junked up they can’t do their job.

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. The good news is that learning how to clean cycling sunglasses is super easy. With just a little TLC and the right supplies, you can keep your lenses crystal clear ride after ride.

In this quick guide, I’ll give you the lowdown on how to clean your cycling shades properly so you can see the road ahead and look stylish doing it. No more peering through oily, dirty lenses or dealing with fog and haze obscuring your view. We’ll cover

  • Why keeping your cycling sunglasses clean matters
  • Step-by-step instructions to clean them like a pro
  • Tips to make your shades look brand new

Let’s get into it! Keeping your vision crisp and sunglasses in top shape is easier than you think…

Why It’s Important to Clean Cycling Sunglasses

Keeping your cycling sunglasses clean is important for several reasons:

1.    Maintain Optical Clarity

Dirt, oil, sweat, and other debris can cloud the lenses on cycling sunglasses, reducing optical clarity. Clean lenses give you better vision and let you see the road ahead clearly and spot hazards. Reduced visibility ups your risk of accidents.

2.    Prevent Scratching

Grit and particles that collect on sunglass lenses can scratch the surface when you wipe them with a cloth. Scratches degrade visibility and optical performance over time.

3.    Avoid Eye Irritation

Sweat, sunscreen, and skin oils that build up on sunglass frames and nose pads can irritate your skin. Keeping your sunglasses clean prevents uncomfortable irritation while riding.

4.    Extend Product Life

Regular cleaning keeps the lenses, frame, and pads of your sunglasses in good condition so they last longer before needing replacement. Letting grime buildup can shorten their usable lifespan.

How Often to Clean Cycling Sunglasses

How often you should clean your cycling sunglasses depends on how frequently you ride:

      I.        Clean before/after every ride:

For avid cyclists who ride multiple times per week, a quick cleaning pre- and post-ride helps keep sunglasses in optimum shape.

    II.        Clean weekly:

For those who cycle a few times a week, aim to clean sunglasses at least once a week to clear any buildup.

   III.        Clean biweekly:

If you ride infrequently, cleaning every 2-3 weeks is sufficient to prevent heavy soiling.

   IV.        Clean immediately:

Always clean sunglasses immediately if the lenses get splattered with mud or grease during a ride to prevent scratching.

Supplies Needed to Clean Cycling Sunglasses

  • Cleaning cycling sunglasses is simple and requires just a few supplies:
  • Microfiber cloth or sunglass cleaning wipes
  • Water or sunglass cleaning spray
  • Mild dish soap (optional)
  • Small soft brush or cotton swabs
  • Clean towel

Avoid using paper towels or tissues to wipe the lenses as they can scratch. Make sure any products used are specifically designed for lens cleaning.

How to Clean Cycling Sunglasses with Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to properly clean your cycling sunglasses:

1. Remove Lens from Frame

If your sunglasses have removable lenses, pop them out of the frame. This allows cleaning the hard-to-reach crevices.

2. Rinse Under Water

Hold lenses under gentle running water to rinse away any loose dirt and debris. Don’t use hot water.

3. Apply Cleaning Spray or Soap

Spritz both sides of lenses with a sunglass cleaning spray or put a drop of mild soap on them. Avoid strongly fragranced soaps.

4. Gently Rub Lenses

Use your fingers or a microfiber cloth to gently rub lenses. Apply light pressure to remove stuck-on grime.

5. Rinse Lenses

Rinse lenses thoroughly under cool running water. Make sure no soap residue remains.

6. Dry Lenses

Blot lenses dry with a microfiber cloth or clean towel. Don’t wipe vigorously.

7. Clean Frames and Pads

Use a small brush, cotton swab, or corner of a cloth to scrub away dirt from frames and nose pads.

8. Dry Frames and Pads

Wipe any moist areas dry so no liquid pools on frames or pads.

9. Reassemble Sunglasses

Pop lenses back into the frames if removable.

10. Use Sunglass Case

Store sunglasses in a protective case until next use.

Tips for Cleaning Cycling Sunglasses

  1. Never use paper products or rough rags to clean lenses. Only use microfiber cloths designed for glasses.
  2. Avoid rubbing lenses too hard when wet as this can scratch them.
  3. Don’t use harsh chemicals like window cleaner, alcohol, or acetone. They can damage lens coatings.
  4. For stubborn dried-on grime, soak lenses briefly in warm water with a tiny amount of soap before cleaning.
  5. Replace worn out nose pads regularly so they don’t collect sweat and skin oils.
  6. Let your sunglasses air dry completely before storing to prevent fogging and bacterial growth.

How Often to Replace Cycling Sunglasses

With proper care and cleaning, quality cycling sunglasses can last 2-4 years or longer. But lenses do degrade over time.

Signs it’s time to replace your sunglasses include:

  • Fogging up frequently even when clean
  • Visible scratches, pits, or cracks in lenses
  • Loose or damaged frames
  • Fading that reduces UV protection
  • Difficulty seeing clearly through lenses

For maximum safety and eye protection while cycling, replace old sunglasses that show wear and tear.

FAQs: cleaning cycling sunglasses:

How do I clean sweat and sunscreen off my cycling sunglasses?

Use a lens spray or solution of warm water and mild soap to break down sweat and sunscreen on the lenses and frames. Gently wipe away with a soft microfiber cloth. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and air dry.

What’s the best way to clean salt deposits off cycling sunglasses after a beach ride?

Rinse the cycling sunglasses under cool tap water to dissolve salt deposits. Fill a bowl with cool water and add a small amount of dish soap. Submerge the lenses briefly and gently rub to remove stubborn salt residue. Rinse well.

How can I remove bug guts from my cycling sunglasses after a ride?

Soften dried-on bug guts by soaking lenses in a mix of warm water and a tiny amount of dish soap for 5-10 minutes. Gently wipe lenses with a clean microfiber cloth using small circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.

What’s the safest way to clean the inside nose pad area of cycling sunglasses?

Use a clean cotton swab dipped in lens cleaning solution or soapy water to gently scrub the crevices around the nose pads. Take care not to snag the pad material.

Should I take the lenses out of my cycling sunglasses to clean them thoroughly?

Yes, remove the lenses from the frames according to manufacturer’s instructions. This allows access to clean the entire lens surface as well as the hard-to-reach frame and hinge areas effectively.

Can I wash cycling sunglasses in the dishwasher?

No, the heat and detergent in a dishwasher can warp frames and damage lenses. Hand wash only.


Hopefully these tips gave you a good grip on how to clean your cycling sunglasses properly so they’ll last you miles down the road!

I know it may sound basic, but taking a few minutes to give your shades some TLC with lens spray and a microfiber cloth after each ride makes a huge difference.

Trust me, I’ve had more than my fair share of foggy, greasy lenses obscuring my view of the path ahead. No fun!

The good news is a little scrub here and there keeps your lenses crystal clear, your eyes happy, and your glasses in your life longer. No one wants to replace a quality pair before they should.

So next time your cycling buddies complain of gritty, grimy glasses, you can just smile knowing your shades are sparkling clean.

Once you get into the habit of a quick post-ride clean, you’ll have one less excuse to skip out on that after work ride. And we all need more of that!

So give it a try – keep these tips on how to clean cycling sunglasses handy for whenever you need them. Here’s to many miles of happy cycling ahead!

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