How To Clean Foggy Sunglasses in 2023?

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In addition to being useful and fashionable, sunglasses are also great for protecting your eyes from the sun. But the longer you wear them, the more fogging can occur on the lenses.

This fogging doesn’t affect the clarity or strength of your vision, but rather its visibility. In order to remove the fog from your lenses, you can’t use the same chemicals that work on glasses, since they would be too strong.

So how do you remove fog from your sunglasses?

How To Clean Foggy Sunglasses Using The Right Method

1. Distilled Water

Distilled water is the most effective method to remove fog from your sunglasses.

2. Soft Cotton Swab

Using a soft cotton swab to remove fog from your sunglasses is another good option.

3. Damp Sponge

A damp sponge is a great tool for removing fog from your lenses.

4. Lens Cleaner

A lens cleaner can also be used to remove fog from your sunglasses.

5. Heat Gun

Use a heat gun to dry out any residual moisture on your lenses.

6. UV Lamp

To prevent any damage to your lenses, use a UV lamp.

7. Other Options

Some other options to consider include using a face cloth, baby wipes, or a makeup brush to remove the fog.

The Reason You Get Foggy Sunglasses

There are two main reasons that your eyeglasses might get foggy.


One is moisture. If you wear glasses all day and then come home and put them down in your bag or on your desk, the moisture from the fabric of your bag or the wood of your desk will condense on the lenses and turn your eyewear into a giant mirror.

That’s why you should always remove your eyewear before going to bed, putting it in the shower, or sitting down for a long time.


Another reason your glasses might be foggy is dirt. Dust and grime can settle on your lenses, which can make it hard to see out of.

What is Best Way To Clean Foggy Sunglasses?

The best way to get rid of the fog on your glasses is to clean them. Use warm water and a soft cloth to clean your lenses.

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