How to Clean Maui Jim Sunglasses: A Step-by-Step Guide

Maui Jim sunglasses are renowned for their exceptional quality and ability to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. To ensure your sunglasses stay in top condition, regular cleaning is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of cleaning your Maui Jim sunglasses, step-by-step. From materials needed to expert tips and frequently asked questions, we’ve got you covered.

By following these guidelines, you’ll not only maintain the clarity of your lenses but also extend the lifespan of your beloved shades.

Gathering the Necessary Materials

Before you begin cleaning your Maui Jim sunglasses, it’s important to gather the necessary materials. Here’s a list of items you’ll need:

·        Microfiber Cloth:

 An essential tool for removing dust and smudges without scratching the lenses.

·        Mild Soap:

Opt for a gentle soap, free of harsh chemicals, to clean your sunglasses effectively.

·        Lukewarm Water:

Use lukewarm water to rinse your sunglasses and remove any dirt or debris.

·        Soft-bristled Brush:

Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, such as nose pads and hinges.

·        Lens Cleaning Solution (Optional):

If your sunglasses require additional cleaning power, a specialized lens cleaning solution can be used.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Maui Jim Sunglasses!

Follow these step-by-step instructions to clean your Maui Jim sunglasses:

Step 1: Rinse your sunglasses

Start by rinsing your sunglasses under lukewarm water to remove any loose particles or debris. This will prevent scratches during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Apply mild soap

Gently apply a small amount of mild soap to the lenses and frames. Avoid using excessive force or scrubbing, as it may damage the lens coating or frame finish.

Step 3: Clean the lenses

Using your fingertips or a soft-bristled brush, gently clean the lenses in a circular motion. Pay special attention to the edges and corners where dirt often accumulates.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly

Thoroughly rinse your sunglasses under lukewarm water to remove all traces of soap. Ensure there are no soap residues left behind, as they can affect the clarity of your lenses.

Step 5: Dry with a microfiber cloth

Gently pat your sunglasses dry using a microfiber cloth. Avoid using paper towels or rough fabrics, as they can scratch the lenses.

Step 6: Polish the lenses

Using the same microfiber cloth, polish the lenses in a circular motion to remove any remaining smudges or streaks. Take your time and ensure the lenses are crystal clear.

Step 7: Clean the frames

Dampen a soft cloth with water and wipe down the frames, paying attention to the nose pads and hinges. For stubborn dirt or grime, a soft-bristled brush can be used.

Step 8: Air dry or use lens cleaning solution

Allow your sunglasses to air dry or, if desired, use a specialized lens cleaning solution for an extra sparkle. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with the cleaning solution.

Expert Tips and Tricks

To ensure the best cleaning results and maintain the longevity of your Maui Jim sunglasses, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents, as they can damage the lens coatings and frame finish.
  • Always use a microfiber cloth or a lens cleaning cloth to prevent scratches.
  • Store your sunglasses in a protective case when not in use to minimize exposure to dirt and debris.
  • Avoid placing your sunglasses face down on surfaces to prevent scratches on the lenses.
  • Regularly clean the nose pads and hinges to remove any sweat or oil buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about cleaning Maui Jim sunglasses:

Can I clean my Maui Jim sunglasses with alcohol-based cleaners?

No, alcohol-based cleaners can damage the lens coatings. Stick to mild soap and lukewarm water for safe cleaning.

Is it safe to clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth?

Yes, a microfiber cloth is safe and effective for cleaning lenses. Avoid using rough fabrics or paper towels that can scratch the lenses.

How often should I clean my sunglasses?

It’s recommended to clean your sunglasses at least once a week or more frequently if they are exposed to dirt, sweat, or other contaminants.

Can I use regular soap to clean my Maui Jim sunglasses?

It’s best to use mild dish soap as regular hand or body soaps may contain moisturizers or abrasives that can harm the lens coatings.

How often should I clean my Maui Jim sunglasses?

This depends on your usage. If you wear them daily, cleaning once a week is advisable. If you wear them less frequently, cleaning them before and after use should suffice.

Can I use a hairdryer to dry my Maui Jim sunglasses?

No, the heat from a hairdryer could potentially damage the frames or lens coatings. It’s best to air dry or use a soft, lint-free cloth.

Are there any specific care instructions for mirrored Maui Jim sunglasses?

Yes, mirrored lenses are more prone to scratches. Be extra careful not to use abrasive cloths and avoid harsh chemicals while cleaning.

My Maui Jim sunglasses have heavy grime and dirt. Can I soak them in warm water and soap?

While a quick rinse with warm water is recommended, it’s better not to soak your sunglasses. Prolonged exposure to water could harm certain parts of the sunglasses like the padding on the nose bridge.

Can I use window cleaner or household cleaning products to clean my Maui Jim sunglasses?

No, it is not recommended to use window cleaner or household cleaning products on your sunglasses. These products may contain harsh chemicals that can damage the lens coatings and frames. Stick to mild soap and water or specialized lens cleaning solutions.

How do I remove stubborn smudges or fingerprints from my Maui Jim sunglasses?

If you encounter stubborn smudges or fingerprints, you can dampen a corner of your microfiber cloth with a small amount of mild soap and gently rub the affected area. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean, dry portion of the cloth.

Can I use hot water to clean my Maui Jim sunglasses?

It is recommended to use lukewarm water for cleaning your sunglasses. Hot water can potentially damage the lens coatings and frame materials. Stick to lukewarm water to ensure safe and effective cleaning.

How should I store my Maui Jim sunglasses when I’m not wearing them?

A6: When not in use, it is advisable to store your sunglasses in a protective case. This will shield them from dust, scratches, and accidental damage. Additionally, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Cleaning your Maui Jim sunglasses doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can keep your sunglasses in pristine condition and enjoy clear vision for years to come.

Remember to use mild soap, a soft cloth, and avoid abrasive materials to protect the lens coatings and frame finish.

Incorporate the expert tips and tricks into your routine, and you’ll be well on your way to maintaining the longevity of your beloved shades. Start cleaning your Maui Jim sunglasses today and experience the joy of crystal-clear vision!

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