How To Fix Scratched Glasses

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Fixing scratched glasses is not a difficult task and with a little care you can restore the clarity of your glasses. Glasses are very important for your eyes. These are a necessity for people who need to wear glasses for close work. Glasses are made up of two parts. One is the frame and the other is the lens. The frame of the glasses protects the lenses from any damage.

How To Fix Scratched Glasses in 2022 [2 methods to follow]

There are two main methods for fixing scratched lenses.

Use Eyeglass Cleaner or Solution

The first method involves cleaning the glass with an eyeglass cleaner or solution. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the solution or eyeglass cleaner, then rinse the lens with water.

Use Special Scratch-Fixing Coating

The second method involves using a special scratch-fixing coating. It is available in liquid form or in a stick form. Use a piece of tape to hold down the stick, and apply the coating directly to the scratched area. Let the coating dry and follow the instructions on the package.

For a scratch-proof coating, you should use a product with a high-quality scratch-resistant coating. Products with a polycarbonate or acrylic coating are the safest.

Why Fixing Scratched Glasses is must?

Scratches on the lens of your glasses are not good for your eyes and you should take care of them. If you have scratches on the lens of your glasses, you should take them to the nearest optician or optometrist. The optician or optometrist will repair the scratches.

However, there are times when you can fix scratches on your glasses yourself. If you know how to do this, you can save some money and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Scratches on glasses can be a problem for those who wear glasses for reading, computer work, driving, or other tasks. Scratches on glasses can also affect your eyesight if they are severe enough.