What Causes Scratches on Sunglasses in 2023? [8 Reasons]

What Causes Scratches on Sunglasses in 2023?

There are many reasons for scratches on sunglasses: Some reasons are explained below.

1.      Driving:

There are several causes of scratches when driving. One of the most common problems is a collision with an object on the road, such as a stone, leaf, twig, or even a bug. The sun is shining on your eyes, which are unprotected. You hit a bump, and your glasses fly off. And there goes your favorite pair of shades!

2.      Clothing:

Another cause of scratches on your glasses is clothing. When you are wearing your favorite pair of jeans, t-shirt, or sweater, your hands come in contact with the material. When you move, you scratch the glasses, which is the final result.

3.      Overuse:

Finally, if you wear your glasses too much, you scratch them. You’ve got your hands full of things, and you rub them. If you do it enough, you get a mark that is hard to clean.

4.      Misplaced Clutches:

If you are driving, you should not carry things such as keys or your cell phone in your pocket. This is where these items will scratch your sunglasses. Be sure to keep them in the glove compartment or the center console of the vehicle.

5.      Accidental Fingerprints:

When you use your sunglasses for sports, you might find it difficult to remove them and this can result in fingerprints on the lenses. This will also make your lenses dirty. It is advisable to use a lens cleaning cloth.

6.      Traveling With An Inflatable:

Bringing a pair of your sunglasses to a pool or beach can be a fun way to keep your sunnies safe from getting wet. However, do not bring your sunglasses in the water. If your sunglasses get wet, the rubber of the frames might begin to break down. Once your sunglasses start to break down, they will become scratched.

7.      Metals And Other Objects:

You should avoid storing your sunglasses in a jewelry box or a metal container. Metal objects can scratch the lenses of your sunglasses.

8.      Sunburn:

Another reason for scratches on sunglasses is sunlight. When the lenses of your sunglasses are subjected to direct sunlight, the protective layer of the lenses may become damaged. You can use a lens cleaning brush to remove these dust particles.

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Is it true that sunglasses can be damaged by the sun?

Yes, sunglasses can be damaged by the sun.

How can I protect my sunglasses from UV rays?

You should wear sunglasses that are rated for 100% UV protection.

What Is the Most Common Reason For Scratches On Sunglasses?

The most common cause of scratches is when you wear the sunglasses for too long without cleaning them.

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