What Does Size E and W Mean in Sunglasses? Discover the Depth Details [2023]

Have you ever wandered through the aisles of your local sunglass shop only to be puzzled by those perplexing E and W sizes imprinted on the frames? DO you know “What Does Size E and W Mean in Sunglasses?”

I know I certainly have! For the longest time, I had no clue how the simple letters related to finding my most comfortable pair. But I’ve since discovered the key difference between E and W-sized frames that can make all the difference in your shades experience.

What Does Size E and W Mean in Sunglasses?

When shopping for sunglasses, you may notice frame sizes marked as E or W. These letters actually refer to the bridge and nose pad design to fit either Eastern or Western facial structures.

E Frames are Designed for Eastern Nose Bridges

The E in sunglass sizing stands for Eastern fit frames. These are designed for flatter nose bridges more common among Eastern Asian ethnicities.

Key features of E frames

  • Narrower bridge width to fit flatter nasal profiles
  • Lower nose pads placed closer together
  • Lenses may be set closer together to align with narrower nose shape
  • SLE (Second Locking Eyewire) helps keep E frames securely in place

So E sizing indicates the entire frame is engineered specifically to fit flattened Eastern nose bridges.

W Frames Suit Higher Western Nose Bridges

The W in sizes denotes Western fit frames suited to the higher nose bridges frequently found among Caucasian face shapes.

Characteristics of W frames

  • Wider bridge dimensions to fit wider Western noses
  • Higher nose pads spread farther apart
  • Lenses set slightly farther apart to fit broader nasal shape
  • Sturdy construction supports the weight of larger frames on higher bridges

Thus, W sizing reflects frames designed for elevated Western nose profiles.

Choosing Between E and W Frames

Should you choose E or W sunglass sizes Consider the shape and height of your nasal bridge

  • If your bridge is low and flat, E frames designed for Eastern noses will likely fit better.
  • If your bridge is higher and more prominent, W frames made for Western noses are a better match.
  • Adjustable silicone nose pads allow customizing the fit for comfort.
  • Try on different E and W sizes and styles to see which fits your facial contours best.

While E and W indicate general Eastern vs. Western fits, every face is unique. Let your individual nasal shape determine whether E or W sizes are right for you.

Other Measurements for Fit

Sunglass sizes may also include dimensions for lens width, bridge width, and temple length.

  • Lens width in mm should align with the width of your face at the cheeks.
  • Bridge width impacts how the frames sit on your nose.
  • Temple length of 120mm-150mm ensures the arms extend properly behind your ears.

Combine evaluating the E vs. W fit with other sizing measurements for ideal shades.

Examples of E and W Sizes

To better understand the concepts, here are examples of how some brands size their E vs. W frames

1.      Oakley

E frames marked as OA55 17ED would have 55mm lens width with 17mm bridge, Eastern fit.

W frames like OA59 18WD mean 59mm lens width, 18mm bridge, Western fit.

2.      Maui Jim

E sizing like 57-17-135 indicates 57mm lens width, 17mm bridge, 135mm temples, Eastern fit.

W would be listed as 61-19-140, with wider bridge and temples for Western fit.

3.      Ray-Ban

E sizes like 52-17-140 describe Eastern fit with a 17mm bridge.

W has larger bridge like 52-21-140 designed for Western nose shape.

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Finding Your Perfect Fit

Follow these tips for determining your ideal sunglass sizing with E vs. W fits

  1. Analyze your nose shape to decide if an Eastern or Western frame bridge will work better.
  2. Look at full size measurements like lens width and temple length too.
  • Try on different E and W sizes and styles to feel the fit firsthand.
  1. Adjust nose pads and temples for total comfort.
  2. An expert optician can help determine the best measurements suited to your facial structure.

With the right E or W frame paired with your other sizing needs, you’ll find the perfect sunglasses for your face!

FAQs about Size E and W Mean in Sunglasses

Still have some questions about E and W sizing conventions Here are answers to common queries

What is the difference between E and W frames?

E means Eastern fit for flatter noses, W is Western fit for higher nose bridges. Bridge and nose pads differ to suit each face shape.

How do I know if I need E or W fit?

Analyze your nose – if it’s flatter, E will likely fit better. If it’s higher, W will probably be a better match.

Can someone with a Western nose wear E frames?

Yes, fit depends on more than just Eastern Western categories. But those with Western noses may find W sizes fit more comfortably overall.

Do all brands use E and W sizing?

Many do, but some like Ray-Ban have their own systems. However, their sizing still accounts for EasternWestern fits.

Should I get custom fitted for E or W frames?

Yes, an optician can assess your face shape and bridge to definitively determine if E or W sizes will work best for you.

Bottom Line on Size E and W Mean in Sunglasses: 

Don’t get overwhelmed by E vs. W frame sizing. Now you know E indicates Eastern low nose fit, while W means Western higher nose fit. Combined with other measurements for your facial shape, identifying the right E or W size makes getting flawlessly fitting, comfortable sunglasses a breeze!

In the end, nailing your exact E or W size is all about understanding your personal nasal structure. Both strategies aim to suit diverse face types, but one will naturally be a smoother fit. Never fear – an expert can analyze your features up close to verify your perfect fit.

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