What Sunglasses Does Rip Wheeler Wear on Yellowstone? Detailed Guide [2023]

Rip Wheeler’s iconic sunglasses on the hit show Yellowstone have become one of the most sought-after TV character accessory styles. But with the branding removed from the lenses, fans have wondered – What Sunglasses Does Rip Wheeler Wear on Yellowstone?

After much searching, it’s believed the shades worn by Rip are the Oliver Peoples Clifton sunglasses.

What Sunglasses Does Rip Wheeler Wear on Yellowstone? Revealed

Rip Wheeler Wears Oliver Peoples Clifton Sunglasses

The coveted sunglasses flaunted by Rip Wheeler are likely Oliver Peoples Clifton sunglasses in the square aviator style.

These shades have the classic aviator teardrop lens shape but in a cool, squared metal frame. The adjustable nose pads and thin metal arms give them a sleek, retro look.

It’s possible the show removed the Oliver Peoples logo from the lenses for filming. But the shape, size, and style details match up perfectly with the Clifton model.

Why Rip Favors the Oliver Peoples Clifftons

The Oliver Peoples Clifftons have both vintage style and modern comfort ideal for Rip’s rugged cowboy aesthetic.

The lightweight metal frames are durable yet flexible for long days outdoors. The adjustable keyhole nose pads allow a custom fit.

The squared lenses provide ample coverage from sun glare while giving off chill 70s vibes. Just the right mix of retro cool and functional for a demanding ranch hand like Rip.

Where to Get the Oliver Peoples Clifton Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples Clifton Sunglasses

To get the authentic Oliver Peoples Clifftons like Rip Wheeler, check them out directly from Oliver Peoples. You can choose from several frame colors like silver, gold, rose gold, and gunmetal.

Popular lens options are grey, green, and brown tints. Be prepared to invest $400-$500 for the real deal sunglasses.

Budget-friendly Alternative to Oliver Peoples Clifton Sunglasses


Warby Parker Chamberlain Square Aviators

For a budget-friendly dupe, go for the Warby Parker Chamberlain sunglasses. They have the same squared aviator shape with adjustable nose pads.

You can select metal frames in silver, gold, and gunmetal. Grey and green polycarbonate lenses match Rip’s style as well.

DUCO Square Aviator Sunglasses

Another wallet-friendly option are these DUCO square aviators. The squared lenses and thin metal arms emulate the Cliffetons’ look.

Grab them in black, silver, or gold frames. Then pick grey, green, or mirrored lens tints perfect for a ranch hand.

Achieving Rip Wheeler’s Full Cowboy Chic Look

To fully emulate Rip Wheeler’s cool cowboy style, finish the look with:

  1. A cowboy hat or ballcap
  2. A leather or denim jacket
  3. Neutral colors like black, brown, tan, grey
  4. Cowboy boots or work boots
  5. Cuffed jeans to show off your boots

So next time you’re looking to channel your inner ranch bad boy, grab a pair of Oliver Peoples Cliffeton sunglasses. Pair them with western wear staples, and you’ll have Rip Wheeler’s iconic style in no time!

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