Who Bats first in Baseball? Need to know the Quick Answer [2023]

So You’re Wondering Who bats first in baseball?

If you’re new to baseball, one question you might have is “Who bats first?” The answer is pretty simple – it’s always the visiting team that bats first in baseball, whether you’re watching little league or the majors.

Let me explain why this is the case.

Why visiting team bats first in baseball?

For starters, it gives the home team a slight advantage. How so?

Well, if the game is tied after the bottom of the ninth inning, the home team gets to bat last in the next inning. That means they know exactly how many runs they need to walk off with a win. Pretty smart, right?

Batting first also lets the visitors get a good look at the home pitcher right off the bat (pun intended). They can study his pitching style and make some solid adjustments to their strategy before stepping into the batter’s box.

There’s also a bit of psychological strategy at play too. The visiting squad gets to kick off the game and set the tone early on. Getting on base first can be a momentum booster.

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I know you might have some other questions popping up, so here’s a quick FAQs:

Why does the visiting team bat first?

The tradition of having the visiting team bat first allows the home team the final opportunity to score in the last inning. This gives the home team a slight strategic advantage, as they have a chance to respond to the visiting team’s score in the final frame of the game.

Can the order be changed?

No, the order is a standard rule in baseball, and it cannot be altered. The visiting team will always bat at the top of each inning, and the home team will bat at the bottom.

Does the away team hit first in every new inning?

Nope, just the first inning to start things off. After that, they alternate with the home team each half-inning.

What if the score is tied after nine innings?

Good question! If that happens, the game moves into extra innings where the teams take turns batting until one pulls ahead.

Why don’t they just flip a coin or alternate who bats first?

That’s how they do it in other sports, but baseball loves its traditions. This batting order has been used for ages!

Bottom Line: Who bats first in baseball

Now that you know who hits first, you can impress your friends with your baseball smarts. Just remember the visitors bat to kick off the action and set the tone. Then it’s over to the home team to answer back in the bottom half. Play ball!

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