Best Sailing Sunglasses – Top 7 Picks Reviewed [2023]

Many of us who go out to sea to be exposed to a lot of ultraviolet radiation (UV), even on cloudy days. As we all know, too much UV harms our skin. But, it can damage our eyes too:  it can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis (sunburn of the eye).

That’s why we need high-quality sunglasses. Any shades you buy  must filter out UV rays. But the best sailing sunglasses do more.

With this, your vision is easier and more comfortable in strong sunlight. Also, it reduces glare and increases clarity.

A major problem on the water is glare. Therefore, you may want to consider buying more than one pair.

As a result, quality sunglasses are an excellent investment. So, let’s get started!

At a glance: Oakley Men’s Oo9188 Flak 2.0 XL Rectangular Sailing Sunglasses– Best for Clarity ; KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sunglasses– Best for UV protection; TOODOO Sailing sunglasses – Best for outdoor activities

Top 7 Picks of Best Sailing Sunglasses – Do You Know

Topics Covered In This Article

Here are some of the best sailing sunglasses.

  • Oakley Men’s Oo9188 Flak 2.0 XL Rectangular Sailing Sunglasses_ Best for Clarity
  • KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sunglasses_ Best for UV Protection
  • TOODOO Sunglasses with UV Protection_ Best for Outdoor Activities
  • KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sport Sunglasses_ Best for protectingt your eyes
  • Oakley Men’s Oo9239 Crankshaft Rectangular Sunglasses_ Best Plastic Frame
  • Oakley Men’s Oo9211 Radar Ev Pitch Rectangular Sunglasses_ Best for all day Comfort
  • ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses_ Best Durable Frame

1. Oakley Men’s Oo9188 Sunglasses – Best for Clarity

In the world of sunglasses, clarity is king, and the Oakley Men’s OO9188 Sunglasses are supreme. You’ll love these shades if you’re a man who values crystal-clear vision and sleek, stylish designs.

Furthermore, I’ll examine why these sunglasses are the go-to choice for men who want style and performance.


  • Color: Polished Black/Prizm Golf
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Plastic frame
  • Plastic lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 59 millimeters
  • Lens height: 37 millimeters
  • Bridge: 12 millimeters
  • Arm: 133 millimeters
  • Assembled in the USA.

Key Features of Oakley Sunglasses:

Here are some key features of Oakley sailing sunglasses.

Superior Clarity:

The Oakley Men’s Oo9188 Sunglasses offer exceptional clarity when you wear them. Whether you’re outdoors or sailing, high-definition optics (HDO) let you see everything in sharp detail.

Polarized Lenses:

For the modern man, glare from the sun and other bright surfaces is a constant pain. Oakley’s polarized lenses solve this problem, enhancing your vision and reducing eye strain.

Comfortable Fit:

Oakley’s Three-Point Fit ensures a snug, comfortable fit, so you can wear these sunglasses all day. Due to their lightweight design, you will feel weightless. So, you can focus on what’s ahead rather than your face.

Masculine Style:

As Oakley knows, men prefer sleek, masculine style. So the Oakley OO9188 Sunglasses offer just that. A modern design and bold lines convey confidence and style. Whether you’re dressing up for an occasion or casually, these sunglasses look great with any outfit.

UV Protection:

Oakley Men’s OO9188 Sunglasses provide 100% UV protection for your eyes. You can protect your eyes from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays by wearing sunglasses.

Men’s Specific Design:

These sunglasses are specifically designed for men. Their larger fit and macho styling make them a great choice for men who want both quality sunglasses and great looks.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Sleek Design
  • Versatile for outdoor activities

2. KastKing Polarized Sunglasses – Best for UV Protection

Sunglasses are an important part of protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. The KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sunglasses are the perfect solution to this problem. These sunglasses aim to provide UV protection without losing style or comfort.

More so, the key features of these sunglasses make them a must-have for anyone who values eye health and style.


  • Grilamid® frame
  • Triacetate Cellulose Lens
  • Polarized
  • Scratch Resistant Coating coating
  • Lens width: 2.3 inches
  • Color: Frame: Matte Blackout
  • Lens: Smoke Base – Ice Mirror

Key Features of KastKing Sunglasses:

Here are some key features of KastKing Sport sunglasses.

UV Protection at Its Best:

The KastKing Sailing Sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. They reduce glare with polarized lenses, so you can see even on sunny days.

Stylish and Versatile:

These sunglasses aren’t just for protecting your eyes, they’re also stylish. Their sleek and modern design makes them a versatile item that suits various face shapes and outfits. So, this pair of sunglasses is suitable for a casual outing or beach trip.

Comfortable Fit:

You can wear these sunglasses all day without discomfort, as they feature a lightweight frame. The rubber nose and temple pads provide added comfort, so you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Affordable Luxury:

KastKing Skidaway sunglasses are an affordable alternative to many high-end sunglasses brands that break the bank. You get high-quality products without emptying your wallet.

Wide Lens Coverage:

These sunglasses offer wide lens coverage. It provides excellent UV protection and prevents wind and dust from bothering your eyes. No matter if you’re riding your bike or relaxing by the water, your eyes will be protected and comfortable.


  • Variety of Lens Options
  • Durable Grilamid Frames
  • Polarized Clarity
  • Exceptional UV Protection

3. TOODOO Sunglasses with UV Protection – Best for Outdoor Activities

Those who enjoy spending time outdoors know the importance of having the right shades. Because they want to shield their eyes. And when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, the TOODOO Sunglasses with UV Protection are your most ideal choice.

In any case, if you want to enjoy your outdoor activities. You should have these shades in your collection.


  • Color: Classic Colors
  • Imported
  • TAC, PC frame
  • TAC, PC lens
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating,Anti-Reflective Coating, and Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Lens width: 2.36 inches
  • Bridge: 40 millimeters
  • Arm: 60 millimeters

Key Features of TOODOO Sunglasses

Here are some key features of TOODOO Sunglasses:

Versatile Outdoor Companion:

These sunglasses are the perfect match for sailing, hiking, biking, fishing, and relaxing by the pool. All outdoor activities are well-suited to them. It’s a valuable addition to your collection.

Total UV Protection:

You can enjoy your outdoor adventures without worrying about the sun’s rays with these shades.

Durable and Reliable:

These goggles can withstand outdoor activities. They feature a solid frame and durable lenses, ensuring they will last through adventures. Now, no need to worry; these shades can handle it all.

Comfortable Fit:

It should be fun to spend a day outdoors, not uncomfortable. Todoo shades have a comfortable and secure fit. It has a lightweight frame and adjustable nose pads ensure they stay in place, even during action-packed moments.

Sleek and Sporty Design:

These sunglasses aren’t just about protection; they also add style to your outdoor look. The sleek and sporty design enhances your look.

Affordable Excellence:

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on premium quality shades. The TOODOO Sunglasses offer outstanding performance at an affordable price. Now you can enjoy high-quality eye protection without breaking your budget.


  • Advanced Lens Features
  • Versatile Style
  • Variety of Colors


  • Bulk Purchase

4. KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sailing Sunglasses_ Best for protecting your eyes

When it comes to eye protection on the water, the KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sailing Sunglasses are a sailor’s best friend. Here, I’ll explain why these sunglasses are a must-have for anyone who loves sailing and wants to protect their eyes.


  • Color: Frame: Matt Smoke Crystal
  • Lens: Smoke
  • Imported
  • Grilamid® frame
  • Tri Acetate Cellulose Lens
  • Polarized
  • Scratch Resistant Coating coating
  • Lens width: 63.5 millimeters

Key Features of KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Here are some key features of KastKing Hiwassee Polarized Sport Sunglasses:

Superb Polarized Protection:

The Hiwassee sunglasses feature polarized lenses that provide protection for your eyes. They block out harmful glare from the sun reflecting off the water. Also, they make your sailing experience safer and more enjoyable.

Durable Design:

A pair of these sunglasses were specifically designed to withstand the strains of sailing. They’re sturdy, durable, and built to last.

Comfortable Fit:

The Hiwassee shines when you’re sailing all day. They’re comfortable to wear for hours at a time, with a snug fit that won’t slip or pinch.

UV Defense:

This pair of sunglasses provides 100% UV protection against the sun’s harsh rays while on the water. Keep your eyes protected from UV rays.


  • Protective Accessories Included
  • Versatile Lens Options
  • Good Lens Quality


  • Maintenance Required

5. Oakley Men’s Oo9239 Crankshaft Rectangular Sunglasses_ Best Plastic Frame

In terms of sailing sunglasses, Oakley Men’s OO9239 Sailing Sunglasses are top of the line. These sunglasses have a timeless style and durability that make them perfect for anyone who enjoys great style and durability. It also has the best plastic frame.


  • Color: Brown Smoke/Brown Tungsten Iridium Polarized
  • Plastic
  • Made in US
  • Plastic frame
  • Plastic lens
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 60 millimeters
  • Lens height: 37 millimeters
  • Bridge: 19 millimeters
  • Arm: 132 millimeters

Key Features of Oakley Men’s Oo9239 Crankshaft Rectangular Sunglasses

Here are some key features of Oakley Men’s Sunglasses:

Built Tough for the High Seas:

Oakley designed these sunglasses to withstand sailing challenges. With a sturdy plastic frame, it can handle splashes, wind, and rough conditions.

Timelessly Stylish:

These sunglasses bring a classic and stylish look to your water adventures. As a result, these glasses look sharp while protecting you from the sun.

Comfort That Lasts:

Despite their durable design, these shades are comfortable. You can wear them all day, no matter how long you’re out on the water.

Crystal-Clear Vision:

These lenses provide clear vision while reducing glare from the sun’s reflection on the water. So, this means you can focus on sailing without blinking or straining your eyes.

Tailored for Men:

When it comes to sunglasses for men, Oakley knows what they need. A perfect combination of style and quality makes them the perfect choice for sea lovers.


  • Crystal-Clear Vision
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Stylish Design
  • Best Plastic Frame

6. Oakley Men’s Oo9211 Sailing Sunglasses_ Best for all day Comfort

Comfort is a key factor in eyewear. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Oakley Men’s Oo9211 Sailing Sunglasses. These sunglasses provide an excellent level of all-day comfort. While keeping you stylish and protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

Moreover, these sunglasses are not just stylish but also designed with precision to meet the specific needs of men who value both fashion and efficiency.


  • Color: Polished White/Prizm Field
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Plastic frame
  • Plastic lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 38 millimeters
  • Lens height: 50.5 millimeters
  • Bridge: 138 millimeters
  • Arm: 128 millimeters

Key Features of Oakley Sailing Sunglasses for Men’s:

Here are some key features of Oakley sailing sunglasses.

Outstanding Comfort:

The standout feature of these shades is their unbeatable comfort. You’ll enjoy wearing these Oakley sunglasses all day long with their lightweight design and Three-Point Fit. You’ll never have to worry about pressure points or discomfort.

Crystal-Clear Vision:

Oakley’s High Definition Optics (HDO) technology gives you the clearest and most accurate vision. You can enjoy the sun and enhance your vision with these sunglasses, whether you’re driving, playing sports, or simply relaxing.

Stylish and Versatile:

Oakley’s sunglasses have a sleek and modern rectangular frame that suits a wide range of face shapes. You can wear these for casual outings or formal occasions because of their bold design.

Durable Construction:

These sunglasses are durable. Its O-Matter material is both lightweight and durable, making your investment last. These shades are great for daily wear as well as outdoor activities.

UV Protection:

These sunglasses offer 100% UV protection, which is vital for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. You can enjoy the outdoors with confidence, knowing your eyes are safe from harmful rays.


  • Durable and Comfortable
  • Crystal-Clear Optics
  • Exceptional UV Protection


  • Little bit expensive

7. ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses_ Best Durable Frame

Rockbros Polarized Sunglasses are a top pick for sunglasses that can take a beating and still look stylish. These sunglasses are the right choice for someone who wants a frame that can handle everyday hits and falls.

Furthermore, the stylish frames come with a solid design, a comfortable fit, and high-quality lenses. You’ll feel confident when you wear RockBros Polarized Sunglasses.


  • Brand: ROCKBROS
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PC
  • Frame Type: Full Rim
  • Frame Material: Composite

Key Features of ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses:

Here are some key features of ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses.

Built to Last:

These sunglasses stand out for their tough frame. It can handle all kinds of adventures, so it won’t break or bend easily.

Sleek and Timeless Design:

These shades offer a classic look that never goes out of style. Whether you’re hitting the trail, the beach, or just running around, you’ll look stylish with it.

All-Day Comfort:

ROCKBROS understands comfort. These sunglasses are lightweight and fit perfectly on your face, so you can wear them from sunrise to sunset without discomfort.

Resistant to Accidents:

Sometimes shades break due to life’s unforeseen events. The durable frame of ROCKBROS sunglasses can handle the occasional mishap. It protects them from damage.

Clearer Vision, Less Glare:

The lens provides clear vision while reducing sun glare. So, this means your eyes stay comfortable even on bright days.

Versatile for Everyone:

Whether you’re an adventurer or just someone who wants reliable eyewear. Rockbros sunglasses are made for everyone who values durability and style.


  • Outstanding UV Protection
  • Durable Build
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Wide and Curved Design
  • Ultra-Lightweight Comfort


  • May Not Fit All Face Sizes

Things to Consider – Best Sailing Sunglasses

So, if you want to buy sunglasses for sailing. Consider this simple buying guide in mind. It will help you make the best choice:

UV Protection is a Must:

First, you should look for sailing sunglasses with 100% UV protection. So, this shields your eyes from harmful sun rays, especially when you’re out on the water for long hours.

Polarized Lenses Reduce Glare:

Make sure your shades have polarized lenses. Because they reduce glare caused by sunlight reflecting off the water’s surface.

Impact Resistance for Safety:

Sailing sunglasses should be impact-resistant to protect your eyes from flying objects.

Secure Fit Matters:

You should make sure the shades have a secure and comfortable fit. You don’t want them slipping off during windy conditions.

Floatable Sunglasses are Handy:

Consider sunglasses which comes with floating frames. So, if they fall into the water, they won’t sink and can be easily retrieved.

Lens Color Choices:

It is important to choose the lens colors according to your needs. Gray lenses are excellent for bright sunny days.

Additionally, brown or copper lenses enhance contrast on partly cloudy or overcast days.

Look for Prescription Options:

When you need vision correction, check if the brand offers prescription lens options for sailing sunglasses.

Versatile for Other Activities:

You should select sailing sunglasses that you can also used for other outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, or hiking.

Easy Maintenance:

Check out the manufacturer’s tips for cleaning and maintaining your sunglasses. A microfiber cloth and fresh water are usually best.

Brand Reputation:

You should consider well-known sailing eyewear brands because they have a track record of quality and durability.


You can find the perfect sailing sunglasses by keeping these simple tips in mind.  That protect your eyes and enhance your sailing experience. Enjoy your time on the water with clear vision and eye safety!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need special sunglasses for sailing?

Sailing sunglasses provide optimal protection from the sun, wind, and water. Also, ensuring clear vision and eye safety during sailing activities.

What features should I look for in sailing sunglasses?

You should choose sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare, UV protection to protect your eyes. A secure fit is also important so they don’t fall off in windy conditions.

Are polarized lenses necessary for sailing?

Yes, polarized lenses are highly recommended for sailing as they reduce glare from the water’s surface. Also, it enhances visibility and reduces eye strain.

Can I wear my regular sunglasses for sailing?

You can wear regular sunglasses. But, the sunglasses with sailing-specific features are the best.

Do Oakley Sunglasses offer prescription lenses?

Some Oakley sunglass models are available with prescription lenses. You can check availability at an authorized retailer or on their website.

Are sailing sunglasses suitable for other water sports?

Yes, sailing sunglasses are versatile and you can use them for various water activities. Such as boating, paddleboarding, and fishing.

Final Verdict

Lastly, it is difficult to choose the right eyewear for your needs. Around the world, there are many options for sunglasses. But in this article, I’ve compiled the 7 top shades, which are the best sailing sunglasses.

No matter which eyewear you choose from this collection-KastKing, Toodoo, RockBros or others— All of these shades are good.

But the Oakley Oo9188 sunglasses stand out for their clarity, durability, and style. These sunglasses combine performance with fashion to meet the demands of today’s modern world. Through Oakley’s lenses, you can see the world in vivid detail.

So, upgrade your style and your eye health with Oakley Men’s OO9188 Sunglasses.

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