5 Best Video Glasses in 2023 [Things To Consider Before Buying]

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Hey, Gaming freak, are you fed up with daily headaches and eyestrains after sitting at the computer for a couple of hours, have you been the target of macular degeneration just because you don’t have a proper posture of eye and vision for glancing at your computer.

You can’t focus on your game because of eye fatigue and tiredness after spending a few hours staring at digital devices. Do you want to make a comeback? If yes; then a pair of computer goggles will help you out. We have selected the best video glasses just for you.

These yellow gaming glasses are constructed by intelligent engineers and made with innovative features. Gaming sunglasses contain premium material lenses that have yellow filters to minimize the harmful blue light, which causes numerous issues during and after gaming sessions. These video glasses can magnify your content and help you achieve the best rank in gaming.

Best Video Glasses Comparison Table

Check out the Top 5 Best Video Glasses

1. Video Glasses by Lena Gaga:

Lena Gaga computer game glasses are certified gaming goggles and are heavily prescribed by doctors.

It has the latest HD vision which doesn’t give an ugly tint with no color distortion and it also blocks 100% harmful blue light.

These computer glasses are made up of premium quality and are highly recommended for reading and staring at the computer for a long time as it is very comfortable to wear & is very durable. It also has a test kit included in it. These are both for women and men and will enhance their vision capability. The sellers offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

  • Blocks 100% blue light
  • Dust-Free & Easy To Clean
  • Smoke frame
  • UV protection
  • Not fit for small size face

2. Gunnar Optiks Video Glasses:

If you think budget doesn’t matter but the pair of gaming goggles you buy should have the best quality then don’t delay as it is your customized product.

These razor glasses enhance your vision capability even if you stare at the computer continuously for a long time.

It consists patented lens which is highly recommended by doctors. It blocks 450nm harsh blue light.

These computer glasses prevent you from many disorders like blurry vision, migraines, and eye fatigue. It has an ergonomic design so you can wear it all day without any problem. It’s Gunnar glasses best buy for you.

  • Prevents dry eyes
  • Lightweight frame
  • Panoramic viewing
  • Includes microfiber pouch

  • Frame quality is not good

3. Video Glasses by Gunnar Optiks Vayper:

These gaming glasses just do not block the blue light and enhance your gaming quality but also enhances your sleep quality and body metabolism.

It protects your eyes in every best way as it has an amber lens fitted in it and has 0.20 magnification power which gives high resolution to your eyes while playing games or just reading on mobile for a longer time.

These yellow gaming glasses can block 65% blue light and 100% UV light. Gunnar Optiks Vayper is also FDA-approved. It’s lightweight and durable, and it’s comfortable.

  • Recommended by doctors
  • Prevent eyestrain and headaches
  • Eyecatching design
  • 30-day return policy & one-year warranty

  • Price is a bit high

4. Gunnar Emissary Video Glasses:

These gaming sunglasses are not regular glasses as it has some extraordinary features like perfect weight which non of others has.

It is properly balanced to reduce your pressure points as it is only 15g.  The lenses of these gaming goggles are specially designed with coatings and tints which enhance vision and are highly recommended by doctors.

It has a dynamic fit design with adjustable pads to ergonomically fit with your face and head. If the gaming glasses have any defect in it the seller also offers a year returning warranty.

  • Minimizes eyestrains
  • Eliminates headaches
  • Comfortable hinges
  • Anti-reflective coatings

  • Slightly blur view

5. J+S Video Glasses:

Protect your eyes in the best possible way with these razor glasses by J+S. J=S Vision gaming glasses protect our eyes and improve our daily performance and vision by blocking 90% of dangerous blue light.

It has a classic frame design that suits everyone. The low color distortion lens is designed to ensure a perfect balance between eye safety and quality of vision, results in complete peace of mind.

It relieves migraine, sore eyes and you can fully focus on your task or playing video games as it is extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

  • Blocks 90% blue light
  • Fits well enough for big and small heads
  • Helps in sleep better
  • Durable

  • None

Things to consider before buying best video glasses:


The glasses you should buy must have been constructed out of premium materials, and have a better quality of lenses compared to the cheap products available in the market.


Lots of stunning designed gaming sunglasses are available in the market, make sure to buy a catchy design for you.

   UV Protection: 

UV solar radiation might damage the eyelid’s surface, and even the cornea, lens, and other sections of the eyes. Try finding the yellow gaming glasses that provide protection against Ultra Violate light.

   How much blue light protection does it give: 

Thoroughly investigate how much protection the gaming goggles offer against Blue light. Especially for gamers, it is the most essential feature.

   Is it suitable for both men/women: 

If both you and your partner love playing computer games, you can buy 1 decent unisex pair that will also save money.

   Weight and Size: 

Lightweight is critical for people who spend countless hours in front of digital screens and need to be reviewed in advance. Some of the gaming glasses would not fit wider heads.


Very essential to know whether or not the video game glasses are comfortable, can trigger lots of strain and discomfort during and after lengthy sessions, if not confirmed before shopping.


Make sure to have a detailed look at the technology of specific gaming goggles.

   Your requirements: 

If you want glasses that can fit like your regular sunglasses then buy that pair. If you have round shape face then buy the one which looks good. If you want a (rectangular) frame then buy that one accordingly.

   Reviews and warranty: 

Never forget to check if the product is liked by the customers or not. Are the necessary questions answered or not. Check if your product is backed up by a strong warranty so you can return it in case of any mishap.

Now the question is which gaming glasses to choose from?  

When choosing computer glasses, there are many criteria that should be kept in mind. Considering these criteria makes the choice difficult. It is all the more complex as the offers are numerous on the market. Follow these guidelines we bring in order to purchase the model that best meets your needs.

Take performance into account
There are few models capable of 100% filtering out the blue light that comes directly from screens and daylight.

For gaming-oriented use and the number of hours spent in front of a computer, the choice of gaming sunglasses is essential.

It is better to opt for the best video glasses that have the greatest filtering power to block blue light. This is important because of the intensity of blue light found in video games and screens.

Choose according to design
Design plays an important role in choosing your gaming sunglasses. Indeed, you may use them as sunglasses, you can not only wear them at home but also in the office and in public areas. So consider choosing a model that you feel comfortable with. There is a huge variety of colors, shapes, and styles and you might find a design that suits your personality and dress style excellently. Also, you can look for plus-sized models that can be worn over your eyeglasses if you wear prescription glasses.

Consider the price
Consider picking the model that fits your spending plan when purchasing your yellow gaming glasses. The models are, indeed, offered at various prices. The range of features is typically the factor that affects the price the most. This value can also be affected by the brand. So take your budget into account when choosing your glasses.

Is a guarantee offered?
Like many products, the best video glasses can come with a warranty. For high-end designs, this warranty can go up to 2 years, subject to conditions. We must not forget that the offer of this guarantee is a guarantee of quality for the product. So choose models that have this guarantee to ensure their quality. You may also receive assistance in the event that your glasses fail before this warranty expires.

Few Frequently Asked Questions:

1- What are the best glasses for gaming? / What are the best gaming glasses/computer glasses?

The best video glasses are those which have an ergonomic frame and structure that are quite comfortable and easily fit your face shape.

The best video glasses are those which can stop maximum blue light and keep your eyes safe. The glasses which can magnify and give the best resolution are indeed the best buy. Check our top 8 picks for you.

2- What should you look for in gaming glasses?

When you need to buy video glasses for gaming (indeed you are here for it) these key features should be present in your glasses otherwise it is nothing more than ordinary glasses. You should look at whether your glasses:

   Have a durable material
   Should be flexible
   Have a yellow light filter
   Should block blue light
   Should block UV radiations
   Shouldn’t be polarized
   Should be comfortable
   Should be backed by a warranty

3- Computer glasses near me?

These yellow gaming glasses are obtainable at any computer store or gaming shop in your neighborhood. For gaming glasses amazon is the best place to buy from.

4- What type of gaming glasses does typical gamer use?

In the entertainment community, there is a diverse range of best video glasses to choose between. These yellow gaming glasses showcase a slew of new technologies and features.

Gunnar gaming sunglasses, on the other hand, are superior in every way. Among all gaming glasses, their characteristics and new tech are unrivaled. This is why the majority of gamers prefer and utilize Gunner computer goggles.

5- What are the gaming glasses most Fortnite streamers use?

As explained earlier, the majority of gamers favor Gunner gaming sunglasses. The main reason for this is that gaming glasses have the most modern technology and functionalities in the industry.

That is why streamers who play the highly innovative and fast-paced Fortnite game love Gunnar computer goggles.

Bottom lines:

You plan on buying the best video glasses, and you need one. Don’t look for cheaper goods rather than search for the feedback of customers, investigate the seller’s customer support and after-sales operation.

Check if the item suits your need, you don’t need one that can’t do what you’re looking for and can put the worst effect on your health in return. So use your money wisely.

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