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You will face visual fatigue and other types of eye disorders when you do frequent gaming sessions on electronic devices without proper goggles and blue light entering directly into your eyes and causing damage to them.
Numerous people aren’t even aware that Gunnar gaming glasses are essential for 
these issues.

Even if you have heard about Gunnar optics some individuals might think that gaming glasses have a yellow tint which will make you look odd. But in fact, these Gunnar gaming glasses on the market are shielding you from blue light and you can do your gaming routine all day with no discomfort.

Here we will just talk about Gunnar gaming glasses which have some impressive features. These gaming glasses have optimum longevity and are comfortable to wear in everyday routines. These glasses can safeguard the eyes from blue light and offer relief from all eye diseases.

Because of the ergonomic style that gives you total comfort and a gorgeous look too, the glasses included in our reviews today are the ones you will wear with comfort for most time!

Glasses usually come in different frames; you’ve got to pick the one that fits your face shape the most. Glasses are available in rectangle, oval, circular shapes, and many other varieties.

Some Gunnar eyewear has interchangeable lenses and others have lightweight frames so that they can serve as your standard daily glasses.

Many Gunnar blue light glasses block not only blue light but also sunlight; this is where they can operate as your part-time sunglasses. Gunnar gaming glasses increase visibility and clarity, which is also useful in driving and cycling.

Gunners Gaming Glasses Comparison Table

Top 5 best Gunnar Optiks Review.

1. Vayper by Gunnar Gaming Glasses:

If you’re searching for the best gaming glasses then these eyeglasses from Gunnar is the perfect pick.

It will safeguard you from many eye diseases like an injury to the retina, macular degeneration, and headaches and is caused and it is caused due to using electronic devices such as computers repeatedly for many hours.

These Gunnar glasses will block 65% blue light and 100% UV rays emitted from the sun. The gaming glasses’ frame is ergonomically designed and quite lightweight.

The amber lenses of these gaming glasses 0.20mag resolving power and have anti-reflective coatings.

These glasses are FDA approved and guarantees to improve the sleep cycle and will make you relaxed without any disorders.

  • Reduce eye tiredness
  • Improves ease of viewing
  • Lightweight frame
  • Durable and comfortable

  • Little bit blur vision

2. Riot by Gunnar Gaming Glasses:

Gunnar optiks are reliable and one of the most recommended brands because of their advanced features. It has an especially designed top-notch amber lens that has focusing powers of 0.20mag and has an anti-reflective coating. Riot by Gunnar Optiks is highly durable and has an attractive design.

A very lightweight frame, it doesn’t sit too heavily on your face. It helps to reduce headaches.

The main specialty of these Gunnar blue light glasses is that it will help avoid long-term damage to your eyes, as it blocks 65% blue light and 100% UV rays that are hazardous to your eyes.

Wearing these gaming glasses will assist you to sleep better, and will also help you improve performance in your everyday life. For extreme durability, the glasses frame has a 3-barrel hinges design for you so you will wear it for a long time.

  • Improve sleep
  • Includes microfiber pouch & cleaning cloth
  • Reduced eye fatigue
  • FDA approved

  • More yellow tint

3. Computer Eyewear by Gunnar Gaming Glasses:

Gunnar gaming glasses are ideal for all of those who spend countless hours using computers and mobile phones and feel headache and other eye problems at the end of the day.

This is because the blue light is directly exposed in your eyes and you don’t even know about it. These Gunnar glasses will block 65% blue light and 100% UV rays which will help shield against sleep disorders and retina injuries.

This Gunnar Optiks will protect your eyes from the high-energy, destructive light that electronic devices emit.

It has an amber lens contrast that has 0.20mag resolution power and another wonderful feature is that these lenses are an anti-reflective coating that erases glare and visual distractions to the eye.

These gaming glasses are FDA approved, results in rested eyes and it fits very well on all faces.

This Gunnar eyewear is very comfortable to wear and has an ergonomic design that will not bother you.

  • Stunning design
  • 20mag resolution
  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Reduce migraines
  • None

4. Cruz – Emerald by Gunnar Gaming Glasses:

These Gunnar blue light glasses are on top of the chart to protect your eyes from the destructive blue light emitted from digital devices.

It safeguards your vision, lessens the strain of your eyes and headaches. Cruz-Emerald is perfect for both boys and girls

If in your daily routine using a computer or playing games is a must then you should wear these Gunnar optiks as these glasses are recommended by doctors.

It will block 450nm harmful rays of blue light and prevents you from headaches and migraines. The frames of these glasses have an ergonomic design, lightweight, and easy to wear for a long time.

The other features are that the lens of these glasses has 55mm width. And the glasses weigh 21gm. If you don’t like it then return it as it has a 30 days return policy.

  • Lightweight
  • Eliminates headaches
  • Ergonomic design
  • Prevents eye strains
  • Large size

5. Intercept – Onyx by Gunnar Gaming Glasses:

GUNNAR created the only blue light blocking gaming and computer googles with a Patented Lens. An innovation that experts prescribe to improve and protect your vision.

It has advanced capabilities that would provide maximum durability and the highest possible relief against dry eyes, eye fatigue, and helps give you soothing, peaceful sleep.

These gaming glasses have a special onyx frame and amber max lens fitted in them. It will protect you from the strongest blue visible light 450nm which has high energy.

It will enhance your vision capability and helps to sleep better. These Gunnar blue light glasses make huge differences. The frame of these glasses is very comfortable and lightweight.

  • Come with a microfiber bag and cloth
  • Oynx frame
  • Can be used outdoor as sunglasses
  • 30 days full refund warranty
  • Can break easily

  The different gaming glasses

There are several types of anti-fatigue and anti blue light glasses available on the market. The main purpose of these glasses is to protect the eyes against this harmful radiation for the eyes, sometimes noticeable differences can be observed between the different types and Gunnar glasses are equipped with the best features. There are really high-end ones too.

  The use is simple

The Gunnar gaming glasses act as simple accessories of prevention against the effects of the blue light emitted by the screens. They are therefore only intended for this use and are worn when you are exposed to this radiation when using a machine that emits it.

  The multifunction Gunnar optics glasses

This type of glasses and more efficient. Indeed, the glasses which compose it are more complex and allow, in addition to protecting against blue light, have UV filter and rectification of the sight. They, therefore, act as sunglasses and corrective lenses. They are as effective as plain glasses and also do not affect the quality of the picture.

  Gunnar blue light glasses

There are designed especially for gamers. They indeed stay in front of their screens for the longest hours. They are therefore exposed to the many risks of health degradation. The Gunners gaming glasses eliminate blue lights with increased efficiency compared to the usual models. They are also equipped with enveloping frames in order to limit as much as possible the proliferation of radiation coming from the front, but also from the sides.

Few Questions & Answers

1- What are Gunnar glasses?

Gunnar Optiks is one of the leading brands whose products are hot-selling in the market. The blue light gaming glasses produced by Gunnar Optiks are also known as Gunnar Glasses.

2- Where can I buy Gunnar glasses?

Gunnar Optiks is a famous brand and its products are available in every gaming and optical store, but we prefer you to best buy Gunnar glasses from online markets like Amazon so you enjoy a complete warranty and coupons. So for Gunnar glasses Amazon is the best option.

3- What are the best Gunnar glasses for gaming?

The best gaming Gunnar glasses are listed earlier in this article. Please do check our review about the top 8 best gaming glasses, it will certainly help you to make the best decision.

4- What are Gunnar gaming glasses?

Gunnar Gaming glasses are exclusive blue light blocking glasses for gaming and computer reading by Gunnar Optiks.

5- Gaming glasses for people who wear prescriptions?

There are countless fit-over Gunnar gaming glasses available in the sector that can be worn over your reading glasses without complications. However, if you are still unclear or you have a serious vision problem, or are allergic to this Gunnar eyewear, you should check with your doctor.


If you use a computer for long hours or love spending a massive amount of time playing video games, you certainly and surely need gaming glasses. Otherwise sooner or later you will start regretting your decision of not using the Gunnar eyewear.

Need help with what to buy check out our eight best-selected gaming glasses.

In this article, we selected the top 5 gaming glasses from a world-renowned Gunnar gaming glasses brand.

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