What Sunglasses Does Joe Rogan Wear? (Discover Ultimate Guide 2023)

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcasters in the world, and his signature look includes a pair of sunglasses. But What Sunglasses Does Joe Rogan Wear?

Joe Rogan is known for his iconic look that includes a bald head and often wearing sunglasses. His sunglass style has become so recognizable that many fans wonder exactly what brand and style Rogan prefers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different sunglasses that Joe Rogan has worn over the years, and we’ll also provide some recommendations for similar sunglasses that you can buy.

What Sunglasses Does Joe Rogan Wear?

Joe Rogan’s Sunglasses Collection:

When you think of Joe Rogan, one of the first images that likely pops into your head is that bald dome and his cool shades. Rogan’s sunglasses are an integral part of his look and brand. He can often be seen wearing them on stage during his comedy shows, in the UFC commentary booth, on his hit podcast and during his day-to-day life.

But what exactly are the sunglasses that Joe Rogan wears so often? Rogan has a few preferred brands and styles that he keeps in heavy rotation. Let’s take a look at his go-to shades.

The Iconic Oakley Frogskins

One of the most popular pairs of sunglasses that Joe Rogan is known for wearing is the Oakley Frogskins. These sunglasses have a classic 1980s style with their complete coverage wraparound lenses and thick frames.

The Oakley Frogskins come in a number of color combinations, but Rogan seems to favor the basic black frame and smoke grey lens version. This clean, classic look epitomizes Rogan’s functional sunglass style.

In fact, Rogan loves the Oakley Frogskins so much that he collaborated with Oakley to release a special edition “Joe Rogan” Frogskins model back in 2013. This cool collab featured translucent grey frames and purple spectra lens.

So when you picture Rogan in wraparound sport sunglasses, it’s likely the Oakley Frogskins that come to mind.

Joe Rogan x Roka Sunglass Collaborations

In addition to his Oakley collaborations, Joe Rogan has also worked with Roka Eyewear to design and co-create some of his own sunglass models.

Joe Rogan is a big fan of ROKA sunglasses. He has been seen wearing the ROKA AT-1 sunglasses, the ROKA Phantom sunglasses, and the ROKA Barton sunglasses.

One popular Roka x Joe Rogan design is the Roka Matador aviator-style sunglasses. These shades have titanium frames and temples along with adjustable nose pads for a secure fit.

Rogan also co-designed the Roka Oslo sunglasses which feature a semi-rimless frame handmade in Japan. The Oslo combines both sporty and fashionable styling.

These Roka sunglass collaborations demonstrate that Rogan not only wears cool shades, but also has an interest in designing unique high-end sunglass models himself.

Maui Jim Sunglasses for Fishing and Outdoors

Another one of Joe Rogan’s go-to pairs that he’s often spotted wearing is from Maui Jim sunglasses. In particular, Rogan seems to favor the Maui Jim Peahi model.

The Maui Jim Peahi features classic teardrop shaped lenses inMID steel frames. Rogan likes the grey polarized lens option.

These shades are perfect for blocking glare while Rogan is out fishing or enjoying other outdoor activities. The lenses offer crisp, clear vision while protecting eyes from harsh sunlight.

Rogan also appreciates the lightweight feel and durable build of his Maui Jim sunglasses. The Peahi model floats, which comes in handy when doing water sports or fishing.

When Rogan heads outdoors, he often grabs his trusty Maui Jim Peahi shades.

Shwood Canby Shades for a Wooden Look

In addition to sporty wrap sunglasses, Joe Rogan also mixes things up with some wooden sunglasses from Shwood.

Specifically, Rogan has been seen wearing the Shwood Canby model. This style features a slightly curved silhouette made from renewable black walnut wood. The smoke grey lenses offer UV protection.

Rogan likes the laidback retro vibe of these wood frame sunglasses. The Canby shades are perfect for a more relaxed setting like enjoying a float in his isolation tank or hanging out by the pool.

The natural wood grain patterns give each pair of Shwood sunglasses a unique look. Rogan’s Canby shades are definitely one of his more stylish options.

Trying New Brands Like BLENDER

Never one to be totally stuck in his ways, Joe Rogan does occasionally experiment with some new sunglass brands too.

For example, Rogan has been spotted wearing some styles from BLENDER, a company known for affordable sunglasses and snow goggles. Rogan was seen wearing BLENDER’s black Flat Top Shades featuring smoke black polarized lenses.

Rogan seems to appreciate the lightweight TR90 frames on these BLENDER sunglasses. The Flat Top model has a semi-rimless open brow design to provide an unobstructed view. They make a nice option for activities like jogging or biking.

While Oakleys remain his number one, Rogan does test out up-and-coming sunglass brands now and then.

Why Rogan Prefers Sporty Wrap Sunglasses?

Considering Joe Rogan’s rugged personality and variety of outdoor interests like hunting, floating in sensory deprivation tanks, shooting guns and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it makes sense that he gravitates toward sporty wrap-around sunglass styles.

These type of sunglasses with wide lenses and sturdy frames provide complete protection for Rogan’s eyes during any activity. Rogan relies on having crisp, undistorted vision whether he’s doing standup under bright stage lights or fishing out on the water.

The wraparound coverage also shields Rogan’s eyes from glare coming in from the periphery. And should he take a blow to the face during martial arts training or from some other mishap, his Oakleys or Maui Jims provide solid eye protection.

For these reasons, Joe Rogan tends to favor function over form when selecting his go-to sunglass styles.

Trying New Looks on Occasion

While Joe Rogan has his favorites, he does occasionally try out some new looks when it comes to shades.

For example, Rogan has been seen trying out some aviator style Ray-Ban sunglasses. He’s also experimented with styles like semi-rimless shades.

And Rogan will throw on some casual Wiseguys shades when he just feels like changing things up.

But at the end of the day, Rogan seems to always come back to the tried and true Oakley Frogskins that have become so closely associated with his look.

Joe Rogan’s Favorite Sunglass Brands:

1.      Oakley

2.      Roka

3.      Maui Jim

4.      Shwood Canby

5.      BLENDER

Joe Rogan’s Preferred Sunglass Models:

1.      Oakley Frogskins

2.      Roka Matador

3.      Roka Oslo

4.      Maui Jim Peahi

5.      Shwood Canby

6.      BLENDER Flat Top

So in summary, while Rogan does test out some new options now and then, he strongly favors sporty wrap-around shades from trusted brands like Oakley. The iconic Oakley Frogskins remain Joe Rogan’s most frequently spotted sunglasses. They epitomize his straightforward, functional sunglass style.

Frequently Asked Questions about Joe Rogan’s Sunglasses

What are Joe Rogan’s favorite sunglasses?

Joe Rogan’s favorite sunglasses are the Oakley Frogskins. This classic wrap-around sports sunglass is Rogan’s most recognizable pair that he wears frequently.

What brand of sunglasses does Joe Rogan wear?

Rogan wears several sunglass brands but Oakley and Roka are his preferred brand, especially the Frogskins model. He also wears Maui Jim, Shwood, Ray-Ban, BLENDER and other brands.

Why does Joe Rogan wear sunglasses so often?

Rogan wears sunglasses frequently because he prefers the eye protection and glare reduction they provide. The sporty wrap-around styles he likes give him crisp, undistorted vision for activities.

Does Joe Rogan have his own sunglass collection?

Yes, Joe Rogan collaborated with Oakley and Roka to release several limited edition sunglass models such as the Frogskins, Matador and Oslo.

What is Joe Rogan’s most iconic pair of sunglasses?

Without a doubt, Rogan’s most iconic sunglasses are the Oakley Frogskins. The Frogskins in basic black frame with grey lenses are the shades most associated with Rogan’s look.


Joe Rogan’s sunglass collection contains both iconic sporty styles like his beloved Oakley Frogskins as well as fashionable collaborations like his Roka designs. While he’ll occasionally test out new shades, Rogan is best known for quality wrap-around models that protect his eyes during outdoor adventures.

Both Oakley and Roka collabs demonstrate that Rogan doesn’t just wear sunglasses, but also has a hand in designing his own signature shades.

So whether hitting the mats for jiu-jitsu training or heading out fishing, you can count on Joe Rogan having the right high-performance sunglasses for the task at hand.

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