Best Mountaineering Sunglasses Reviewed- Super 7 Choices [2023]

Around the world, most people love mountaineering, and if you are one of them. Then, you know the importance of the shades during mountaineering. With best mountaineering sunglasses, you can save yourself from any mishap. Also, with this, your vision is clear.

Moreover,  It’s not just about the vision; it’s about the whole experience. You can experience the stunning beauty of the mountains with these glasses. If you love adventure and need the perfect eyewear for your mountain journeys. Then you’re in the right place. Because this ultimate guide will help you to find the best mountaineering sunglasses.

More so, here you will find top-notch protection and clear vision. It’s time to climb mountain peaks with bright sun and winter snow.

Are you excited to explore the world of great heights? Now let’s take a look at the exciting world of mountain eyewear. So, discover which sunglasses will make you feel like a pro mountaineer.

All sunglasses which I describe below is great. But, these are top 3 perfect pick in my blog.

At a glance: SOJOS Aviator Polarized Sunglasses_ Best for Lens Width, OSSAT Metal glacier Polarized Sunglasses _ Best for Mountain Hiking and Trekking, Milfrance Mountaineering Sunglasses with Side Panels_ Best Glacier Glasses

7 Best Mountaineering Sunglasses_ You Need to Know

Topics Covered In This Article

Here are the top 7 Mountaineering Sunglasses.

  • SOJOS Aviator Polarized Sunglasses_ Best for Lens Width
  • OSSAT Metal glacier Polarized Sunglasses _ Best for Mountain Hiking and Trekking
  • Milfrance Mountaineering Sunglasses with Side Panels_ Best Glacier Glasses
  • Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses for Men and Women_ Best Mirror Coating
  • ZENOTTIC Polarized Sunglasses_ Best for it’s Lightweight
  • Flying Fisherman Matecumbe Polarized Sunglasses_ Best UV Blocker
  • Extremus Rainier Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women_ Best For Eyes Protection

1. SOJOS Aviator Polarized Sunglasses for Women and Men_ Best for Lens Width

First is SOJOS Aviator Polarized Sunglasses. It may be your new best friend if you’re looking for sunglasses that combine style with performance. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, whether you are scaling mountain peaks or strolling through a park.

These shades are perfect for men and women who love the great outdoors. Likewise, they provide style and comfort for any mountaineer. Also, they provide stylish design and premium lenses.


  • Metal frame
  • Polarized lens
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 58 millimeters
  • Lens height: 50 millimeters
  • Bridge: 17 millimeters
  • Arm: 140 millimeters

Key Features of SOJOS Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

Here are the key features of the SOJOS Aviator Polarized Sunglasses:

Style That Speaks Volumes

The SOJOS sunglasses have a timeless design that never goes out of style. These are perfect for anyone who wants sunglasses that look good on everyone, whether they’re fashion-forward or plain and simple. They’re available in a range of lens colors and frame finishes. So you can choose the one that suits your style.

Lens Width That’s Just Right

One of the standout features of these sunglasses is their lens width. The SOJOS Aviators deliver the clarity that mountaineering sunglasses require. They offer excellent UV protection while reducing glare. These lenses will not only protect you from the bright sun on a beach but also from blinding snow on a mountain.

Gender-Neutral Design:

One of the standout features of the Extremus Rainier Sunglasses is their gender-neutral design. They are perfect for both men and women, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the benefits of these shades. The SOJOS Aviator Polarized Sunglasses’ have gender-neutral design qualities. Because they are perfect for both men and women, anyone can take advantage of these shades.

Durability for the Long Haul

When you’re out in the wild, your gear needs to be tough. These sunglasses are good enough to withstand your adventures. It’s made of durable metal, so it can handle crashes and damage without losing its shape. The lenses are scratch-resistant, which means they’ll stay looking great even after rugged use.

Comfortable All-Day Wear

Nobody wants sunglasses that pinch or dig into their noses. The SOJOS Aviators are designed with comfort in mind. The adjustable nose pads ensure a snug fit, and the lightweight frame won’t leave you feeling tired, even during extended wear. You can focus on your adventure without distractions.

Polarized Clarity

One of the great features of these sunglasses is their polarization. This means they cut through glare, making them ideal for activities where reflective surfaces are a challenge. Whether you’re on the mountain, in the snow, or just driving in the midday sun, these sunglasses enhance your vision and reduce eye strain.


  • Effective Sun Protection
  • Durable Build
  • Stylish Design
  • Versatile Usage


  • Limited Size Options

2. OSSAT Metal glacier Polarized Mountaineering Sunglasses_ Best for Mountain Hiking and Trekking

The OSSAT Metal Sunglasses are your best friend while you enjoy mountain hiking and trekking in the great outdoors.  When you use OSSAT, you will see the mountains like never before. The OSSAT Metal Glacier Polarized Sunglasses are a game-changer in terms of eye protection.

Moreover, these lenses and metal frames are perfect for outdoor lovers who like a challenge.  Your vision will remain sharp and safe while you navigate rough areas with these shades.


  • Metal frame
  • Lens Color: GOLD
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 55 millimeters
  • Bridge: 18 millimeters

Key Features of OSSAT Metal Sunglasses

Here are the key features of the OSSAT Metal Glacier Polarized Sunglasses:

Stylish and Robust Design

These sunglasses have a sleek and tough style. This metal frame gives you strength and style. These sunglasses help you survive the hardships of a mountain expedition.

Perfect for trekking and mountain hiking

The OSSAT Metal Glacier sunglasses are good for mountain hiking and trekking. It has polarized lenses. With this, you can see well even in the brightest sunshine or while hiking on icy slopes. You may now enjoy nonstop views of the stunning sights. Without having to blink or strain your eyes.

Sturdy Metal Frame:

A tough metal frame keeps these sunglasses from getting damaged in strong winds and tough conditions.

Glistening Ready

These shades have a glacier-ready design, which makes them unique. When you’re trekking on higher hills, the side shields offer additional protection from wind, dust, and debris, which is a big-break.

All-Day Comfortable Clothing

You need eyewear that won’t let you down on difficult journeys. And the OSSAT Metal Glacier sunglasses come with all-day comfort. It has a lightweight structure and adjustable nose pads that ensure a tight fit.

UV Protection:

These sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, shielding your eyes from harmful sun rays. So, with these sunglasses, you’ll be able to see clearly and stay protected in harsh weather conditions.


  • Durable Build
  • High-Definition Polarized Lenses
  • UV Protection


  • Limited Style Options

3. Milfrance Mountaineering Sunglasses_ Best Glacier Glasses

When you’re going on high altitude adventures, the Milfrance Mountaineering sunglasses should be at the top of your list. These glacier shades keep your eyes safe and comfortable in most mountain conditions.


  • Lens Color: Silver
  • Brand: Milfrance Sunglasses
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Type: Rimless

Key Features of Milfrance Mountaineering Sunglasses

Here are some key features of Milfrance sunglasses:

Serious Protection for Important Positions

The sun’s brightness and the glare off the snow can be blinding when you’re high in the mountains. These Milfrance sunglasses truly shine in that situation. With side panels that filter light from all sides, they act as a shield for your eyes, giving you complete coverage.

Glacier-Ready Performance

The side panels aren’t just for show. They’re glacier-ready, meaning they’re perfect for adventures where you’ll face snow, ice, and strong winds. They keep your eyes safe from flying debris and harmful UV rays, allowing you to focus on the beauty of the mountains.

All-Day Comfort

Nobody wants sunglasses that pinch or slip down their nose during a climb. These Milfrance glasses are great for comfort. They have adjustable nose pads to ensure a snug fit, and the side panels add stability. You can wear them for hours without any hassle.

Crystal Clear Vision

Clear vision is key when you’re hiking or climbing in high-altitude environments. These sunglasses have you covered. The lenses are good at reducing glare and enhancing contrast, making it easier to spot holes, rocks, or any obstacles in your path.


  • Superior Sun Protection
  • Durable Construction
  • Anti-Fog Coating


  • Non-Polarized

4. Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses for Men and Women | Best Mirror Coating

A pair of Julbo Classic Sunglasses is the ideal mountain eyewear for both men and women. These sunglasses come with two lens options, Spectron or Alti Arc, which keep your vision clear in freezing conditions.

Additionally, they have side shields to protect your eyes from mountain glare. The Julbo Vermont Classic sunglasses are perfect for tough terrain and style.

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Specifications of Julbo Vermont Sunglasses

  • Color: Gun/White Frame
  • Smoke Lens W/Blue Mirror
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Metal frame
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • Mirror Coating coating
  • Lens width: 138 millimeters

Key Features of Julbo Vermont Sunglasses

These are some key features of the Julbo Vermont Classic sunglasses:

Perfect for Mountain Adventures:

These sunglasses are specially made for people who love climbing mountains and hiking in hilly places.

Loved by All:

Men and women both wear these sunglasses because they fit really well. It has cool leather shields on the sides and a classic metal frame.

Full Eye Protection:

The soft leather shields on the sides keep your eyes safe from the sun, wind, and stuff flying around. So, you can have worry-free adventures.

Ideal Lens: 

It’s made from strong polycarbonate, so it’s perfect for cloudy or sunny days.  You still get enough light (13%) while also blocking most of the bright (87%).

It also protects your eyes from harmful rays like UVA, B, and C. And there’s a mirrored finish that makes things even clearer.

Stays in Place:

The sides have soft, rubbery parts that keep the glasses snug on your face. No worries; they won’t get messed up in your hair. The ends of the sides are flexible and keep the glasses firmly on your ears.

Julbo’s Legacy:

Julbo has been making top-notch sunglasses and lenses since 1888. They’re all about making things that last, work well, and look good.

However, they even promise to take care of anything that goes wrong and offer a warranty. Plus, they’re always coming up with cool ideas like the REACTIV Photochromic lenses.

These sunglasses aren’t just eyewear; they’re your trusty companions for a lifetime of adventures!


  • Complete Eye Protection
  • Secure and Comfortable Fit
  • Quality Lens Technology


  • Limited Style Options

5. ZENOTTIC Polarized Sunglasses_ Best for Their Lightweight

When you’re ready to go on your mountaineering adventure, worry about sunglasses that are durable and lightweight. So don’t worry about it.

The Zenottic Polarized Sunglasses are here. It is a top choice for your eyewear! It’s to keep your eyes safe and improve your performance when you’re climbing.

You’ll enjoy your mountaineering adventures even more with these polarized shades.


  • Color: C03 Dark Gray Frame
  • Silver Mirrored Lens
  • TR90 frame
  • Composite lens
  • Polarized
  • Mirror Coating coating
  • Lens width: 60 millimeters
  • Bridge: 18 millimeters

Key Features of ZENOTTIC Polarized Sunglasses

Certainly! Here are the key features of ZENOTTIC Polarized Sunglasses, designed to be the best mountaineering eyewear:

UV / Polarized TAC Lens:

These lenses block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays up to 400nm. Also, ensure your eyes stay protected. Likewise, they are lightweight, and durable.

Lightweight Marvels:

When you’re climbing a mountain peak, the last thing you want is heavy eyewear weighing you down. But these sunglasses are the true definition of lightweight. Zenotic Polarized Sunglasses feel almost weightless on your face, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead.

Stylish Design:

Who says you can’t look good on the mountain? ZENOTTIC sunglasses have a sleek, modern design that adds a touch of style to your outdoor activities. As you climb peaks, you’ll turn heads.

Perfect all Rounder:

These sunglasses have a classic square frame design with a touch of sporty style. Which makes it suitable for various outdoor activities.

Whether you’re driving, climbing, running, hiking, boating, or engaging in other outdoor adventures, these shades have got you covered. They are also a fantastic gift idea for urban, fashion-forward men.


  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Versatile Design
  • Wide Compatibility


  • No Prescription Lenses
  • May Not Fit All Face Shapes

6. Flying Fisherman Matecumbe Polarized Sunglasses_ Best UV Blocker

These Flying Polarized Sunglasses are a great choice for mountaineering. These shades are the real deal when it comes to UV protection and outdoor durability.

Moreover, with these sunglasses, you can climb mountains in comfort without worrying about glare. So, It makes mountaineering even more enjoyable!


  • Color: Tortoise Frames
  • Amber Lenses
  • Acting Polarized Sun Lens Systems
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Lightweight and optically correct

Key Features of Flying Fisherman Matecumbe Polarized Sunglasses

There are some of the key features of Flying Polarized Sunglasses, perfect for mountaineering:

100% UVA and UVB Protection:

Flying Polarized Sunglasses block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also, your eyes are protected from the sun’s damaging effects during mountain trips.

With these features, Flying Polarized Sunglasses are your reliable partner for mountaineering. Because it offers protection, clarity, and durability in the great outdoors.

Amber Lenses:

The sunglasses come with amber lenses that enhance contrast and clarity, making them ideal for mountaineering.

Lightweight and Optically Correct:

It’s designed with lightweight materials. You can enjoy long treks with this pair of sunglasses.

Affordable Excellence:

The best part? You get all of this without breaking the bank. Flying Fisherman offers quality at an affordable price, making these sunglasses a steal for any adventurer.


  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Polarized Lens Technology
  • Comfortable Wear


  • May not be perfect for all face shapes and sizes

7. Extremus Rainier Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women_ Best For Eye Protection

Firstly, if you’re an outdoor lover or a hardcore mountaineer, you know the importance of reliable shades. When it comes to eye protection, the Extremus Rainier Polarized Sunglasses are the real deal. They offer cutting-edge polarized lenses and a rugged frame to shield your eyes from the harsh elements.

More so, these sunglasses are the best choice for both men and women looking for high eye protection while enjoying the great outdoors. Both men and women will find these sunglasses a valuable tool for reaching new heights.

You can take your mountaineering experience to new heights with Extremus Rainier!


  • Color: Frame:gloss Crystal
  • Lens:smoke
  • Ice Blue Mirror

Key Features of Extremus Rainier Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Here are the key features of Extremus Rainier Polarized Sport Sunglasses:

Glare Reduction:

In addition to reducing glare, Extremus Polarized sunglasses improve vision, comfort, and clarity, and reduce eye strain.

Lightweight Comfort:

Nobody wants to carry bulky sunglasses during a challenging climb. These shades are impressively lightweight, making them a joy to wear for extended periods. It’s snug fit and comfortable nose pads ensure they stay put on your face, even when you’re sweating bullets on a high slope.

Gender-Neutral Design:

One of the standout features of the Extremus Rainier Sunglasses is their gender-neutral design. They are perfect for both men and women, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the benefits of these shades. The sleek, neuter style suits a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

Lens Variety:

The sunglasses are available with different lens colors to suit various lighting conditions:

  • Smoke lenses are ideal for bright sunlight.
  • Brown lenses enhance contrast in partly cloudy to sunny conditions.
  • Copper lenses provide excellent contrast in moderate to low light.
Style Meets Functionality:

While these sunglasses are all about performance, they don’t skimp on style. The modern design of the Extremus Shades ensures you’ll look great. Whether you’re on a mountaineering expedition or simply strolling through the city, these shades will complement your outfit.


  • Lightweight and durable,
  • Comfortable Fit
  • UV Protection


  • Do not offer prescription lenses.
  • Price slightly higher

A Simple Buying Guide_ Things You Need to Know – best mountaineering sunglasses

To help you select the best mountaineering sunglasses, here are a few simple tips:

●     UV Protection is a Must:

Look for sunglasses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. It shields your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

●     Polarized Lenses for Glare Reduction:

Consider sunglasses with polarized lenses. They reduce glare from bright surfaces like snow and water, also improving visibility.

●     Lens Color Matters:

In mountaineering, amber or brown lenses enhance contrast and clarity and enable you to see uneven terrain more clearly.

●     Durable and Shatterproof:

Make sure you choose sunglasses made from tough materials that can handle rough mountain conditions. You should look for lenses that are shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

●     Lightweight and Comfortable:

Ensure your sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable for long hikes. Look for features like non-slip nose pads.

●     Fit and Coverage:

Make sure your sunglasses fit well and protect your eyes fully from sunlight, wind, and debris.

●    Style and Design:

It is extremely important to choose a style that suits your taste and makes you feel comfortable as well as functional.

●     Price Considerations:

It is important to create a budget that fits your needs. You can invest in the health of your eyes by purchasing quality sunglasses.

●     Brand Reputation:

Make sure the brand you choose is known for its quality and expertise in outdoor eyewear.

●     Try Before You Buy:

You should try on the sunglasses before purchasing them to ensure they are comfortable and provide the desired protection and visibility.

Keep in Mind!

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can find the best sunglasses that offer both eye protection and comfort during your mountain adventures.

Final Verdict

In the world of mountaineering, where every decision can mean the difference between trouble and success, choosing the right shades is paramount.

In this situation, the SOJOS Aviator Polarized Sunglasses for Women and Men are a good choice for you. Its exceptional lens width makes it the ultimate choice for those seeking the best mountaineering sunglasses.

When it comes to lens width, SOJOS reigns supreme, ensuring you never miss a moment of the breathtaking views that await. These shades not only protect your eyes but also raise your performance to new heights. So, wear SOJOS to Improve your mountaineering abilities!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mountaineering sunglasses?

Mountaineering sunglasses are specially designed for people who climb mountains. They protect the eyes from sun, glare, and harsh conditions.

Are regular sunglasses suitable for mountaineering?

Regular sunglasses may not provide the necessary protection and clarity needed for mountaineering. Purpose-built mountaineering sunglasses are good.

What features should I look for in mountaineering sunglasses?

You should look for UV protection and polarized lenses. Because it reduces glare, has lightweight frames, and a comfortable fit.

What lens color is best for mountaineering?

Amber or brown lenses are good for mountaineering, because they improve visibility and clarity.

Can I get prescription mountaineering sunglasses?

Yes, some brands offer prescription options. You may need to consult with an eye care professional for customized solutions.

How do I clean and maintain my sunglasses?

You should use a clean, lint-free cloth and warm water to clean the lenses. Also, you should avoid using saltwater and paper towels to prevent scratches.

Are there specific brands known for making the best mountaineering sunglasses?

There are some best mountaineering sunglasses. Oakley, Julbo, Extremus. Zenottic and Smith Optics are reputable brands that specialize in outdoor eyewear. The company offers quality mountaineering options.

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