Best Sunglasses for Women’s Face Shapes in 2023! [Top 5 Picks]

When it comes to purchasing the best sunglasses for women there are so many things that one should look for but most importantly you need to check if the glasses frame goes with your face shape or not. By wearing the right yet best sunglasses you can add a great charm to your personality, give a boost to your outfit, and most importantly the glasses shield your eyes not only from harmful UV rays but also helps you in spying on people silently plus saves you from the embarrassing eye roll situations.

The glasses are available in high-end styles, with incredible frames and good material. Some are aviators that add glamour to your look, the oversize frames help you make a fashion statement and retro designs make you look alluring for sure. However, there are so many sunglasses available on market, and choosing one best could be a hassle for you.

No worries, we’ve got you covered. After trying different items, we have concluded the 5 best sunglasses for women that come with high quality, impressive design, good material, and super protection. Other than this, we’ll also provide a detailed buying guide that’ll help you choose one best from the rest effortlessly,

5 Best Sunglasses For Women [Reviews 2023]

1. Foster Grant Oval Sunglasses

Do you want to steal the limelight by wearing trendy shades? This one is for you then. It is made up of a plastic frame and comes with a non-polarized lens covered with a 100% UV protective coating. These trendy shades mainly designed for women contain brown or ice-colored lenses that work to minimize the glare and reflections to provide you the excellent clarity.

The sunglasses offer impact and scratch-resistant properties which means it’s strong enough to combat the drops and dings effortlessly. Furthermore, the UV coating provides a superb shield to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and works to block 100% UVA, and UVB rays. It comes with adjustable nose pads that mean you’ll never complain of comfort and fitting issues.

As most of the users are too concerned about the fitting and dropping of the shades all the time makes them irritate yet has a bad effect on their overall personality appearance too but gladly you’ll not face this while wearing these glasses.

Not only this, but it also offers high durability and is super lightweight so you’ll never feel any burden on your temple or nose bridges while wearing them. These shades are built to withstand wear and tear without putting you in any discomfort. This is one of the best sunglasses for women undoubtedly.

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Best Sunglasses For Women With Round Face Or Square Face:

The item is designed to go with every face shape so whether you have a round face or a square face this one is suitable for you all.


  • Trendy appearance
  • Superb quality
  • Anti-glare
  • Reduces reflections
  • Scratch & impact resistant
  • Super comfortable
  • Snug fit
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • UV rays protection


  • Not so durable

2. Rayban Rb1971 Square Sunglasses

Ray-ban RB1971 square sunglasses comes with a metal frame that gives it a classic appearance. It is equipped with a non-polarized crystal lens covered with a UV protective coating that keeps the eyes safe from any damage particularly caused by the harmful sun rays. Not only this but the UV protective coating will also keep your eyes safe from the reflections.

The product is undoubtedly made up of high quality so don’t worry about the durability or longevity issues after all ray-ban is known for its quality items. It contains scratch-resistant glass which means there’ll be no or a very rare chance of having permanent irritating scratches on the glass that not only blocks the vision but also make you look awful.

It is available in different frames including gold, and silver colors and offers casing plus cloth to clean the sunglasses to protect them from scratches. Get yourself the color that goes with your personality and suits your style. By wearing these super classic yet premium quality sunglasses you’ll surely be in the limelight.

Moreover, the product has lightweight so you’ll not face any discomfort, especially on your temple or nose bridge region while wearing these sunglasses. Lastly, the item is super comfortable to use for a longer duration.

Best Sunglasses for Women With Square-Shaped:

As you know square-shaped sunglasses, do not suit every face shape and one should get the shades that go with their face. These square-shaped shades go perfectly with the oblong and oval faces as they adjust with their angles amazingly.


  • High quality
  • Good material
  • 100% UV protective lens
  • Stylish appearance
  • Multiple lenses and frame colors
  • Scratch-resistant glasses
  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable
  • Case & cloth included


  • Users complain of fitting issues

3. ANDOILT Vintage Round Sunglasses

Are you looking for the classic yet best sunglasses for women? This one is for you then. The product is based on the classic retro design and comes in a round shape having a thin yet strong frame. The manufacturer offers a couple of sunglasses packages so you both can slay in the shiny bright days. These glasses are available in different colors so you can easily choose the one that suits your personality.

It is equipped with the TAC polarized lens that offers 100% UV protection. Due to the polarized lens, you’ll be safe from the glares and reflections. It works to block the UVA and UVB rays to keep your eyes in an ultimate comfortable atmosphere. By blocking glares and reflection, the user will be able to enjoy crystal clear vision effortlessly. It has high quality so don’t worry about wear and tear or scratch issues while wearing these shades.

Moreover, due to the weight-free feature, you’ll never feel any weight on the temples or nose bridge even if you’ll hardly feel anything on your face. This means you’re saved from the fatigue that most people face by wearing heavy-weight shades. Whether you need shades for driving, walking, or bicycling or wear them anywhere these are the best for you.

Best Sunglasses for Rectangular or Oval Face Shape:

People with a rectangular face shape, oblong or oval face shape can go for these shades. As the round sunglasses are best to soften the sharp features.


  • Classic retro design
  • Impressive quality
  • Reduces glare
  • Anti-reflective properties
  • Lightweight
  • UV rays protection
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Super comfortable


  • The frame isn’t reliable

4. Randolph Amelia

This is the last product in our list of best sunglasses for women that suits every face shape due to the pleasing silhouette that makes it stand out from the crowd. The glasses are named after a pilot Amelia Earhart who flies to the Atlantic solo and was undoubtedly a hero. These super sleek glasses have a lightweight created with the premium quality metal frame and can be customized as per your choice of lens.

Whether you want to make a fashion statement or need to relax on the bright sunny days by protecting your eyes from sun rays this one is best for all. It offers different frames and lenses so you can choose the one that suits you by all means. The lenses used in these glasses are non-polarized and covered with a UV protective coating that keeps your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays.

No matter whatever the lens you select, each one of them works to provide your eyes a soothing effect by blocking the high wavelengths that reduce eye strain, and fatigue and enhance your visual performance. With the classic skull temples, you’ll enjoy comfort all day long. It offers a lifetime guarantee and comes with a hard case as well as a microfiber pouch to keep the glasses safe and sound.

Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face Shape:

These aviator shades suit every face shape. Whether you have a round face, an oval face, a diamond face shape, or any other this one mostly goes with every shape.


  • Good quality
  • Lightweight
  • Suits every face shape
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Protect eyes from UV rays
  • Stylish design


  • Not so comfortable
  • Some users aren’t satisfied with the frame colors

5. Jessica Simpson J5823 rectangular sunglasses

Last in our list of best sunglasses for women is Jessica Simpson J5823. These rectangular-shaped sunglasses comes with lightweight and are super comfortable to wear for a longer duration without developing any pain. It is equipped with an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens that offers superb UV protective coating and is non-polarized.

The product offers different frames so you can choose the one that goes with your personality. You can wear these polycarbonate frame shades easily without facing any tightness or fitting issues. Even on cloudy days, the UV rays are strong enough to harm your eyes but by wearing these shades you’ll get the ultimate protection.

worry about developing any discomfort or pain in the nose or temple region because these glasses are user-friendly already. It comes with a case and a pouch so you can clean it whenever needed to avoid any damage or scratches.

Best Sunglasses For Oval Face Shape Or Round Face Shape:

These glasses look good on a round face shape or the people with short faces can use them to add length. It also looks good on the oval face shape.


  • Good quality
  • Comfortable
  • Impact-resistant lens
  • Impressive protection
  • Snug-fit
  • Lightweight


  • Not so long-lasting
  • Users complain of headaches while wearing them

How To Buy Best Sunglasses for Women? [Buying Guide 2023]

Getting one best from hundreds of items available in the market is a hard task. Are you looking for some help? We’re here at your rescue. In this buying guide, we’re going to discuss a few important factors that one should consider to purchase the best sunglasses for women without any hassle.

Quality & Material

There’s no use of purchase shades that comes with poor quality and are made up of weak material. However, some materials aren’t even comfortable to wear for a longer duration. That’s why one should consider purchasing at least a good quality product made up of strong yet comfortable material that lasts longer and offers a snug fit to the user. The shades are made up of different materials including nylon, metal, aluminum, acetate, titanium, and plastic.

If you have a tight budget then we’d suggest you go for the item having a plastic frame. However, most manufacturers use metal that offers excellent properties including good adjustability, corrosion resistance, and easy to fit but ideal for the athletes due to low durability.

Those who’re so into sports activities and required shades to get ultimate protection from the sun should opt for nylon frames which are super flexible, lightweight, stronger, and show great resistance to temperature fluctuations.


The shades come with different lenses including polycarbonate, glass, and plastic. The polycarbonates lenses are lightweight, durable, and best for those who go out frequently. Those who go for the plastic lens will enjoy lightweight, impact-resistance, superb comfort, and high durability. However, the glass lens offers optical clarity, super durable, and scratch-resistance but is heavyweight.


There is no use in purchasing sunglasses if it doesn’t protect you from the sun. Make sure to purchase the item that offers 100% UV rays protection including UVA, and UVB rays protection. Some of the shades not only protect you from the UV rays but also the glare and reflections result in no eye fatigue, headaches, or strains. Get yourself the one that offers UV protection and if the shades keep your eyes safe from glares or reflection then it’ll be a cherry on the top for sure.


If the glasses aren’t comfortable then there’ll be no use in wearing them. Honestly, no one can wear uncomfortable glasses for a longer duration. Whether the shades you wear are too tight or loose, in both conditions you’ll feel great discomfort and end up packing the shades in case. That’s why you should go for glasses that offer high-end comfort and a snug fit.


Which sunglasses are suitable for a round face shape?

Those who have a round face shape can go for the rectangular or square shape shades that’ll surely balance your features. However, some also suggest using oversize to increase the face length.

How to purchase the exact fitting shades online?

To get the shades that fit your face perfectly, you should take a few basic measurements. Some brands mention three measurements in their size guide including temple length(shades arm length), nose bridge sizes, and lens. You need to take the measurements directly to get an exact size or you can wear the shades available at your home that fits you well and then measure them.

How to get the perfect sunglasses?

Honestly, there’s no perfect when it comes to purchasing sunglasses because the perfect term varies from person to person according to their face shape. Maybe the shades which are perfect for my face will not suit yours. To get the glasses that look good on your face, you should check your face shape first and go for the one that is made for that particular shape.


Purchasing the best sunglasses for women isn’t too hard especially when you know your face measurements and face shape. We’d not suggest you any one product from the list above because each one is made for a different face shape.

Choose the one that not only goes with your budget but also with your face shape, personality, and style. However, if you need our help in selecting one best then comment on the options you’ve below and our experts will help you get the best from the rest.

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