5 Best Selling Gamers Glasses in 2023!

precautions for using a pair of gamers glasses

While the use of gamers glasses commonly doesn’t really require a prescription from a doctor, there are a few precautions you should take to get the most out of them. The actions to be attempted are simple and straightforward, and they do not require much effort.

Adjust screen brightness:

It is suggested to reconfigure the brightness of the screens before choosing to wear gamma ray blue light blocking glasses. In reality, the amount of blue light emitted relies on this brightness. The lower the brightness, the lesser the radiation. In order to adjust the radiation according to the lighting of your environment, there are also applications that allow you to manage this brightness according to the time of day.

When it’s relevant, put on your gamers glasses:

Although pc gaming glasses defend against blue light, they must not be worn the whole day. Admittedly, light plays an important role in our body’s natural circadian cycle (day-night awareness). As a result, depriving the eyes of this light may destroy the sleeping pattern. Wearing them at the end of the afternoon, when fatigue starts to build in the eyes, is particularly preferred. It’s also a good idea to put them on 1 to 3 hours before nap time. More benefits of pc gaming glasses can be discovered here.

Watch out for dark and dark rooms:

Avoid using a tablet, computer, or Smartphone in a dark room. It is recommended to have another light source to limit the eye of the eye in the face of blue light.

Take breaks:

This time it’s the turn of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) which advice taking regular breaks. This view agrees with many eye care specialists who say a 5-minute screen less break every hour, or 15 minutes screen less every two hours is in order.

This is an opportunity to relieve the eye which is subjected to constant strong aggression, even if you wear Gunnar computer eyewear suitable for players. Not all gaming prescription glasses are able to filter 100% of this light. They absorb a large part, which helps relieve the retina. Vary based upon the item, the filtration rates differ. It is an important consideration when acquiring a pair of gamers glasses.

The accumulation of screens during the week tires the eye and causes eye strain:

Although it is complicated for gamers, do not hesitate to “cut” for 1 to 2 days. This allows time to rest comfortably for the eyes.

Thoroughly clean the tiles of your pc gaming glasses:

The maintenance of this pair of prescription Gunnars is mandatory. When you wear it, you will see many particles, sometimes very discreet, depositing on the glass of your glasses. At first, these particles are all tiny, which the brain eventually adapts to. Dust gathers after a while and inhibits the eye from seeing correctly. At such times, a suitable cloth should be used to remove all particles present on it.

By regularly maintaining your glasses, you will have an eye that will see well and which will tireless. It will not seek to constantly adapt to the surrounding circumstances present on the glass.

This manipulation must be repeated before each game session.

Consult an optician:

If you have vision problems and want to wear glasses for computer screens, you should still visit an optician. Evidently, the model chosen may not correspond to the user’s eye problems. In this case, only an optician will be able to identify the proper type of gaming glasses.

Let’s Check Top 5 best selling gamers glasses:

1— Pack of 2 Anti Eye-Strain Gamers Glasses from Livho:

Livho offers a set of two best prescription Gunnars that look very exquisite and attractive and will undoubtedly fit you and your companion for the cost of just one.

Wearing these gamers glasses for a few days will make a real difference because they block hazardous blue light from entering your eye.

This will assist in the betterment of your eyesight and the mitigation of migraines and various eye disorders. It has an amber lens that was produced using HEV-Adsorb substrate absorption innovation from the United States. By balancing viewing experience and eye protection, it can soak up high-energy blue light.

This pair of glasses will shield your eyes from UV rays and block UV400. The TR90 structure of these gaming glasses is very light and offers you maximum durability.

  • The price is reasonable.
  • Highest rated online.
  • The design is graceful.
  • It helps to ease headaches.

  • Doesn’t effectively block blue light


2— Pack of 2 Retro Round Gamers Glasses from FEIYOLD:

FEIYOLD delivers a pack of two best gamma ray blue light blocking glasses that appear very alluring and attractive and will definitely suit you and your partner for the price of one.

Wearing these gamers glasses for a few days will make a difference because it prevents risky blue light from entering your eye directly.

This will support the improvement of your eyesight and the protection of headaches and various eye conditions. It has a 3A transparent lens that blocks 99 percent of blue light, providing a stable viewing experience as well as eye protection.

The TR90 frame of these glasses is very light and gives you additional strength. The great thing is that vendors provide worry-free service as well. These gamers glasses are extremely cost-effective.

It provides a higher level of protection by blocking UV400 and 99 percent blue light, which has an amount of useful impact on human health, including assisting in restful sleep and lowering visual fatigue and tiredness.

It looks great on both male’s and female’s faces and has a lifetime guarantee.

  • Exceptional quality and has a lovely design.
  • Nice flexible frame.
  • Lowers Eye fatigue.
  • It helps to relieve headaches.
  • None


3— Pack of 2 Nerd Reading Gamers Glasses from Feirdio:

Quit worrying about the blue light from digital screens causing sight problems and migraines. These pc gaming glasses will help in the relief of a diverse variety of eye diseases and headaches.

Low color distortion lenses in Feirdio 2 in 1 gamers glasses have been configured to provide the fine blend of blue light protection and eyesight quality.

Anti-Screen Glow, UV Light Preventing, and Reduced Glare, and obstructing electrostatic rays lenses make these glasses ideal. The TR90 frame of these glasses makes them very comfy for long periods of time because the TR material makes them half the weight of plastic glasses and twice as stable.

These gamma ray blue light blocking glasses also have bolstered alloy hinges to secure longevity and prevent breakage and are of good quality.

  • Exceptional return on investment.
  • Cleaning cloth included.
  • Mitigates eye strain.
  • A frame that is light in weight
  • The lenses may appear to be a little reflective.


4— Filter Ray Lens Gamers Glasses from Livho:

Livho’s unisex gaming prescription glasses feature a premium blue ray cut lens that safeguards your eyes while also decreasing electronic eyestrain.

The lenses are colorless and anti-scratch. Anti-Blu-ray Lenses employ a proprietary substrate imaging system to shield the eyes from UV radiation and block UV400 while also decreasing eye fatigue and dryness.

If you spend the majority of your time in front of the computer playing video games and executing various tasks, these glasses are the optimal option, as they reduce headaches and improve your quality of life. If you wear it outside, it alleviates eye strain and prevents you from harmful UV rays. Livho is one of the most well-known brands available.

  • Excellent product of top standard.
  • Superb, eye-catching design
  • It also comes with a nice hard case.
  • Enhances sleep quality

  • Not very durable.


5— Ultimate Protection Gamers Glasses from Horus X:

Prolonged blue light exposure provokes eye fatigue, vision loss, and severe headaches; with Horus X Gunnar computer eyewear, you’ll tell a decrease in a few days. Computers, cell phones, and televisions transmit the most harmful blue light, which is restricted by the glasses.

These pc gaming glasses are crucial for people who work from home and gamers who can’t get enough of video games. It has high-quality lenses with a 400nm blue light filtration process that is 100 percent effective.

The feathery and strong polycarbonate (27g) frame sits nicely on your nose. Even with a gaming headset, the seamless and skinny branches will not put any pressure on your nose, ensuring extended spells of enjoyment.

It will enhance your view and help you sleep better. Eye strain and blurred vision are reduced. With 1 ultra-light neoprene case, you’ll get a 100% money-back guarantee.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent customer service
  • Worth the money
  • Extra comfort is provided by the ergonomic design.
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth.

  • Not very robust


Frequently Asked Question

1- When was hyperx gaming glasses released?

The first copy of the HyperX gamers glasses was released in 2017 and is now available in four colors: red, glossy black, tortoise & crystal smoke. With multi-layered top-quality frames and premium nylon lenses, these glasses combine the best of fashion and efficiency. The lenses in the HyperX gamma ray blue light blocking glasses frame is tough and compact, blocking harmful HEV blue light.

2- What is the difference between Gunnar computer and gaming glasses?

Computer and gamers glasses have been produced to combat the damaging consequences of blue light emitted by digital screens, such as eye fatigue, migraines, dry eye, and blurry vision.

Gunnar computer eyewear is constructed with the working professional in mind. They can relieve the severity of eye strain while also looking stylish.

Gamers glasses frames will be wider for further protection with flat temples to be worn with headsets, while computer glasses frames will be more stylish, unobtrusive, and modern. The majority of the materials are the same in both of them. Computer glasses may have a clear (no tint) lens, whereas gamers glasses may have a yellow or amber lens.

3- What gaming glasses do streamers use?

Streamers and professional gamers spend a load of time in front of their PCs, playing games for long hours. As a result, they witness vision problems such as dry eye, eye fatigue, and migraines.

To cope up with these, most of them use gamers glasses to reduce these symptoms. Most streamers and professional gamers use gamma ray blue light blocking glasses from Gunnar Optiks.

4- Why are gaming glasses yellow?

Yellow lens tints can be noticed in about all playoff sports and, of course, gamers playing on computers, where enthusiasts may find themselves having to concentrate their eyes on moving objects in low-light, hazy conditions.

Yellow lenses improve clarity while also reducing eye strain in computer and gaming users. Yellow tinted sunglasses will provide you with better clarity and pleasure whether you spend your spare time next to a screen, on the athletic fields, or at the shooting range.

5- Why are gaming glasses good?

A quick look at the pc gaming glasses:

  • Gamers glasses shield the eyes from both short- and long-term eye strain.
  • They cut down on the amount of blue light that monitors and displays transmit.
  • Gamma ray blue light blocking glasses are especially beneficial to people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer.
  • Even people who wear glasses can use pc gaming glasses.

Gaming Prescription Glasses Our Final Opinion:

Gamers glasses are now an essential accessory to protect our eyes against blue light, which is very harmful when it emits in huge volumes, at a time when screens can no longer be ignored in everyday life.

Many designs are now available on the market, and the variety of uses for this accessory means that it can be used by anyone who wants to take care of their eyes, not just gamers.

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