How to Tighten Persol Sunglasses for a Perfect Custom Fit [2023]

I feel your pain – having to constantly push up those pesky persol sunglasses that won’t stay up on your nose is no fun! But don’t worry, I’ve got some simple tricks up my sleeve for how to tighten persol sunglasses so they fit perfectly snug and stay firmly in place.

Whether your frames are sliding down or just feeling loose, we can DIY adjust them to contour to your face shape for that customized, comfy fit.

Ready to stop the slip and get these babies fitting like a glove?

Let’s do this!

How to Tighten Persol Sunglasses so They Fit Just Right

Sunglasses slipping down your nose or feeling loose on your face? Don’t worry – it’s easy to adjust and tighten Persol sunglasses so they fit perfectly using some simple at-home techniques.

Here is the detailed guide on “how to tighten persol sunglasses”:

Assessing the Fit

Before making any adjustments, inspect how your Persols currently fit. Are they constantly sliding down or feeling wiggly? Do they pinch anywhere or sit crooked on your nose? Take note of any problem areas.

Tightening the Temple Arms

Many fit issues stem from loose temple arms (the parts that go over your ears). Here’s how to tighten them up:

1.      Bend the Arms Inward

Gently bend both temple arms inward by grasping the front and back of the arm and pressing them together. This curves the arm for a snugger fit around your ear.

2.      Reshape the Ear Pieces

For even more tightness, use your fingers or pliers to carefully reshape the earpieces so they apply more pressure against your head.

3.      Try Ear Hooks or Rubber Tips

Add stick-on ear hooks or rubber tips to the ends of the arms. These accessories prevent slipping and add more grip.

4.      Adjusting the Nose Pads

Make sure the nose pads sit flush against your nose bridge.

If they don’t, use the provided adjustment tool to move the pads inward until they touch your nose evenly.

5.      Heating and Molding the Frame

For a truly customized fit, carefully heat and mold the frames so they contour perfectly to your face.

  • Use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the frames for 2-3 minutes.
  • With the frames still warm, bend them gently until they fit your facial structure.
  • Run under cool water to set the shape.

With these easy tips, your Persols will feel like they were made just for you! Tightened sunglasses allow you to focus on looking cool, not constantly pushing them back up.


What if my persol sunglasses are too tight?

If your persol sunglasses are too tight, you can gently bend the temple arms outward to loosen them. You can also use a hair dryer to warm and reshape the frames into a more relaxed fit.

Will heating and molding the frames damage them?

As long as you heat the frames gradually and mold them gently, it should not damage them. Avoid overheating. Run under cool water to set the adjusted shape.

How can I stop my persol sunglasses from sliding down my nose?

Make sure the nose pads are adjusted inward so they sit flush against your nose bridge. You can also use nose pads accessories for added grip, or heat and mold the frames to fit the shape of your nose better.

What’s the best way to reshape persol ear pieces for a tighter fit? 

Use your fingers or pliers to carefully bend the earpieces inward so they hug the sides of your head better. Avoid over-bending them. Apply small amounts of pressure for gradual adjustments.

Can I take my persol sunglasses to an optician to get tightened?

Yes, you can take them to an optician or eyewear specialist to get the frames professionally adjusted and fitted to your face. They have the proper tools and expertise.


Wasn’t that easy? Now you’ve got the inside scoop on how to tweak your persols for a tailored, tight fit every time. No more dealing with sunglasses that are looser than your Aunt Glenda’s neck skin. Just use my handy heating and molding method anytime your persols need that custom fit adjustment. With these tricks, you’ll have sunnies that enhance your look instead of distracting from it. So go on out there feeling confident, stylish and glare-free! You’ve got this fit thing on lock.

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