What Sunglasses Does John Dutton Wear? Finally Reveal #1 Iconic Ranch Shades

As a fan of the hit Paramount show Yellowstone, you may have pondered what sunglasses does John Dutton wear. That rugged cowboy look while riding horses across the Montana ranch just wouldn’t be complete without those iconic shades shielding his eyes. Keep reading to uncover exactly what brand and style of aviators the character Kevin Costner rocks as John Dutton on the show.

On the popular TV drama Yellowstone, Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton has an iconic cowboy aesthetic, complete with a signature pair of sunglasses. But what is the exact brand and style Dutton rocks? Let’s take a closer look.

What Sunglasses Does John Dutton Wear?

According to sunglassesid.com, the sunglasses worn by John Dutton on Yellowstone are by luxury brand Oliver Peoples. Specifically, Costner wears the Oliver model by Oliver Peoples. These are classic aviator-style shades with Oliver Peoples’ flair.

John Dutton’s Iconic Sunglasses on Yellowstone

Custom Touches

The Oliver sunglasses come with some special custom elements just for Kevin Costner’s John Dutton character. They have a custom engraving on the lens and special decorative metal arms.

Polarized Lenses

The Oliver Peoples aviators sported by Dutton have polarized lenses to reduce glare. This helps cut reflections while doing outdoor ranch work under the Montana sun.

Gold Wire Frames

The Oliver shades have shiny gold wire frames and arms to match Dutton’s wealthy ranch owner status. The gold color also pairs nicely with Dutton’s signature cowboy hats.

Aviator Style

The Oliver model has the classic teardrop aviator shape, featuring a thin metal wire frame and gradient color lenses. This retro pilot style looks fitting for a rugged rancher.

Wardrobe Staple

John Dutton wears these Oliver Peoples sunglasses frequently throughout Yellowstone’s multiple seasons. They are a key part of his consistent wilderness chic wardrobe.

Get the Look

Fans of the show can buy their own Oliver Peoples aviators to emulate Dutton’s ruggedly cool style. Just be prepared for dusty ranch work and keeping the cowboy code of honor.


What brand of sunglasses does Kevin Costner wear as John Dutton in the show Yellowstone?

According to sources, the sunglasses worn by John Dutton are from the brand Oliver Peoples. Specifically, the Oliver model by Oliver Peoples.

What style are John Dutton’s sunglasses on the show?

Dutton wears aviator-style sunglasses on Yellowstone. The Oliver Peoples glasses have the classic teardrop shaped aviator frame.

Does John Dutton wear the same sunglasses all the time on Yellowstone?

Yes, the Oliver Peoples aviators appear to be a signature piece of Dutton’s rugged cowboy wardrobe that he wears frequently on the show.

What special features do John Dutton’s Oliver Peoples sunglasses have?

The sunglasses have a custom engraving on the lens and unique decorative metal accents on the frame arms specifically made for the character.

How can I get the same sunglasses look as John Dutton?

Fans can purchase the Oliver Peoples sunglasses model online or in high-end sunglass stores to get Dutton’s style. The gold aviators will give you that Wild West ranch owner vibe.


So now you know exactly what sunglasses John Dutton wears on the show Yellowstone. His signature Oliver Peoples aviator-style shades are customized for Dutton but available for fans to buy. The next time you see that glint of sunlight off those gold wireframes, you’ll recognize them as Oliver Peoples aviators – an essential part of John Dutton’s wilderness chic style. And maybe you’ll be inspired to get your own pair of classic aviators to channel your inner rugged cowboy!

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