Why Does Adam Rank Wear Sunglasses? Top Reasons Explained [2023]

If you’re into fantasy football, you’ve definitely seen analyst Adam Rank rocking his signature sunglasses – even at nighttime! Which begs the question: Why does Adam Rank wear sunglasses around the clock? Let’s dig into the reasons behind the shades.


Why Does Adam Rank Wear Sunglasses?


Adam Rank’s Signature Look

If you’ve ever watched one of Adam Rank’s NFL fantasy football videos or podcasts, you’ve likely noticed his signature look – wearing sunglasses indoors and at night. As one of the most recognizable faces covering the world of fantasy football, Rank’s shades have become an integral part of his brand. But why does he insist on wearing sunglasses all the time?

Health Benefits – Reducing Eye Strain

As a fantasy football analyst, Adam Rank is constantly staring at screens reviewing footage, crunching stats, and reading the latest reports. Like many of us who work desk jobs or spend a lot of time looking at digital devices, prolonged screen time can strain your eyes and even cause headaches or migraines. Rank has said the main reason he wears sunglasses, even at night, is simply to reduce eye fatigue and glare from all the screens he views. The shades help filter out excess light and blue light emission to create a more comfortable viewing experience.

Branding and Image

In addition to eye health, Rank has pointed out the stylistic and branding benefits of the signature sunglasses. The tinted specs are part of what makes his on-screen persona edgy and cool. Rank has molded his own personal image in the fantasy football world, and the sunglasses are key to his rockstar analyst aesthetic. While perhaps unusual, the indoor shades give Rank a distinctive bold attitude that aligns with his hot take mentality.

Convenience and Habit

Beyond health and branding motivations, Adam Rank also notes he often keeps the sunglasses on out of pure convenience and habit. When you wear tinted eyewear all the time during shoots and recording sessions, it just becomes second nature to leave them on rather than constantly taking them off and putting them back on between takes. The shades end up just becoming part of Rank’s everyday uniform.

Other Possible Reasons

Some additional reasons the fantasy football guru may favor sunglasses include disguising tired eyes, avoiding eye contact or distractions during video shoots, hiding reactions during interviews, and expressing his creativity.

At the end of the day, Rank’s sunglasses have simply become part of his persona. So next time you see Adam Rank dishing out fantasy advice in mirrored lenses, you’ll know why he relies on those shades. The sunglasses may seem unnecessary or strange to some, but they allow Rank to deliver his best viewing experience and analysis.


Here are 5 FAQs about why Adam Rank wears sunglasses:

Why does Adam Rank always wear sunglasses?

It’s become his signature look! Rank started wearing shades in locker room interviews early in his career to gain credibility with players. Now the sunglasses are part of his persona. Rank also says indoor lights bother his eyes, so it’s easier to just keep the sunglasses on.

Has Adam Rank ever appeared on TV without his sunglasses?

Rarely! Rank likes to keep up the mystique. But occasionally he’ll lose a bet and have to remove his shades on air. Eagles fans may recall Rank reluctantly ditching his sunglasses after picking against Philly in the 2017 playoffs.

Does Adam Rank wear prescription sunglasses or just plain shades?

By Rank’s own admission, the shades are just for show. He doesn’t require prescription eyewear – the sunglasses are simply an accessory that’s part of his look. Rank just prefers to keep his eyes concealed on camera.

What brand of sunglasses does Adam Rank wear?

Rank has been seen wearing various brands over the years – Ray-Ban, Oakley, Randolph Engineering, American Optical, etc. He likes classic aviator styles in black or tortoiseshell. As long as they’re stylish and oversized, Rank’s not too brand loyal!

Could Adam Rank get in trouble for wearing sunglasses on air?

In theory, a producer could request he take them off. But after 20 years in the business, Rank’s sunglasses are as much a part of his persona as his takes and humor. Viewers know to expect shades when Rank’s on screen sharing football opinions. They’ve simply become part of his personal style.


So why does Adam Rank wear sunglasses 24/7? While the tinted specs may seem quirky to some, for Rank they’re a key part of maintaining eye health, boosting his personal brand, and staying comfortable on shoots. Next time you see those signature shades, you’ll know they’re an essential viewing tool for Rank to deliver his best fantasy football analysis.

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