Can Pitchers Wear Sunglasses While Pitching? No Rules Prohibit – 4 Key Reasons

Can pitchers wear sunglasses while on the mound? Many hurlers staring down batters in the sunshine have asked themselves this question. As the sun beams down on the baseball field, pitchers squint and shade their eyes while staring in for the sign.

Let’s explore the official rules and regulations around pitchers wearing shades in America’s pastime.

Can Pitchers Wear Sunglasses While Pitching?

Yes, pitchers can wear sunglasses while pitching in a game. According to the official MLB rules, there are no regulations prohibiting pitchers from wearing sunglasses.

No Specific Sunglasses Rules

Unlike bat regulations and uniform requirements, there are no specific rules pertaining to sunglasses in the MLB rulebook. Pitchers are permitted to wear sunglasses as long as they do not have reflective lenses that could distract batters.

The only reason an umpire may object to sunglasses is if they deem them to be a distraction. For example, very reflective lenses or odd colored tinting could potentially interfere with play. But regular, non-reflective sunglasses are perfectly acceptable.

Why Pitchers Choose to Wear Shades

Pitchers often elect to wear sunglasses while playing day games for practical reasons:

  1. Reduce glare and improve vision fielding balls or tracking pop flies.
  2. Avoid squinting and eye strain when pitching on bright days.
  3. Protect eyes from sun damage and UV rays during hours of daylight play.
  4. Focus without distraction of blinding sunlight while pitching.

Since there are no rules preventing their use, many MLB pitchers view quality sunglasses as key gear for optimal daylight performance.

Pitchers Known for Their Signature Shades

While sunglasses are entirely optional, many star MLB pitchers have chosen to sport signature shades:

  • Future HOFer Zack Greinke consistently pitches in his preferred Oakley sunglasses.
  • New York Mets ace Max Scherzer sticks with sporty Oakley Radar EV Path model.
  • Toronto’s Kevin Gausman relies on simple but reliable Maui Jim sunglasses on mound.
  • Closer Craig Kimbrel has long pitched late innings wearing dark sunglasses.


Can MLB pitchers wear sunglasses?

Yes, Major League Baseball pitchers are permitted to wear sunglasses while pitching in games. There are no official rules prohibiting sunglasses for pitchers.

Why can’t pitchers wear sunglasses in baseball?

Pitchers are actually allowed to wear sunglasses in MLB games. There are no rules stating pitchers cannot wear sunglasses while pitching. The only issue would be if the sunglasses had reflective lenses that could distract batters. Regular plastic sunglasses with non-reflective lenses are perfectly legal for pitchers to wear.

Can a Little League pitcher wear sunglasses while pitching?

Yes, Little League baseball pitchers can wear sunglasses as there are no Little League rules specifically restricting sunglasses for pitchers. As long as the sunglasses don’t have reflective lenses that could be deemed distracting by the umpire, Little League pitchers are permitted to wear regular plastic sunglasses while pitching in games.

Pitchers in MLB, Little League, and most organized baseball leagues can legally wear regular, non-reflective sunglasses while pitching in games. Sunglasses are considered optional pitching gear, not prohibited equipment.


So for all you pitchers wondering “can pitchers wear sunglasses out on the mound?”, the official baseball rules have your back. As long as the shades aren’t deemed distracting or reflective, feel free to legally sport sunglasses while pitching to gain comfort, visibility and protection from the sunshine. Just be ready to emulate the signature styles of MLB pitching greats who famously took the hill wearing their go-to shades.

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