How to Avoid Sunglasses Tan Lines – 6 Smart Tips to Stop Annoying Raccoon Eyes

How to avoid sunglasses tan line is key for any sun worshipper. We’ve all experienced those embarrassing raccoon eyes after removing your shades! But learning techniques to prevent awkward tan lines will have you stylishly rocking your favorite frames.

How to Avoid Sunglasses Tan Lines with Simple Tricks

We’ve all been there – enjoying a sunny day outdoors in your favorite pair of shades, only to take them off and discover those dreaded raccoon eyes from your sunglasses!

Sunglasses tan lines can be annoying and unattractive, but don’t worry – with a few simple tricks, you can avoid those awkward inverted tan marks.

1.      Prepare Your Skin

Before heading out in the sun with sunglasses, prep your skin first. Apply sunscreen all over your face, including areas that will be covered by the sunglasses. The sun’s rays can still filter past the lenses and damage unprotected skin. Using sunscreen helps prevent UV damage and evens out your tan.

2.      Choose Wraparound Shades

When shopping for sunglasses, look for a wraparound style that provides ample coverage around the eyes and bridge of the nose. Oversize sunglasses or styles with thick arms also help minimize tan lines. The less direct sunlight that sneaks past the frames, the better! Polarized lenses are ideal since they offer the most UV protection too.

3.      Adjust Your Positioning

Be mindful of how you situate your sunglasses on your face. Placing them too high on the bridge of your nose lets in sun from underneath, creating an obvious line. Push them down to fully shield your undereye area and prevent obvious tan lines. Also, tilt large framed sunglasses down slightly at the outer edges to minimize gaps between the frames and your face.

4.      Remove Periodically

Every 20-30 minutes, take off your shades for a few minutes to let those covered areas get some sun exposure too. Rotate your sunglasses occasionally as well to distribute tan lines. Set a timer as a reminder if needed. This helps balance out your tan and makes sunglasses lines less pronounced.

5.      Try Translucent Frames

For a more seamless look, go for translucent or gradient sunglass frames. The transparent quality allows some light to filter through, so the shaded areas will still tan gradually. Just swap out the lenses for UV-blocking ones since the tinted plastic frames offer minimal protection on their own.

6.      Apply Concealer

If you do end up with obvious raccoon eyes, use makeup to camouflage the tan lines. Opt for a liquid concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and dab it along the edges of the discolored area. Blend the edges with a damp sponge for a natural look. Setting powder will also prevent smudging. Reapply as needed.


Should I wear sunscreen under my sunglasses?

Yes! Even though your eyes are shaded, UV rays can still pass through sunglass lenses and damage unprotected skin. Apply sunscreen before putting on your sunglasses for complete coverage.

How can I prevent white rings around my eyes from goggles?

Use sunscreen on areas covered by goggles to allow gradual tanning. Take occasional goggle-free breaks as well. If you still end up with goggle marks, apply self-tanner only to the light areas to blend the tan difference.

What sunglass styles create the worst tan lines?

Thin metal frames and styles with lots of gaps between the nose pads and frame edges often cause pronounced raccoon eyes. Prioritize wraparound designs with wide arms and lenses.

Will tanning with sunglasses leave tan lines?

Yes, wearing sunglasses while tanning can definitely cause tan lines in the shape of the frames if the areas covered by the shades don’t get sun exposure. Rotate and adjust your sunglasses periodically while tanning to minimize pronounced lines.

How do I prevent tan lines on my face?

Apply sunscreen before putting on sunglasses to allow gradual tanning of the covered skin. Choose sunglasses with full wraparound coverage and transparent frames. Take occasional breaks to tan uncovered spots. Use self-tanner to blend as needed.

How do you prevent reverse racoon eyes?

Push your sunglasses low on the bridge of your nose to fully shield undereye areas. Go for oversized shades that wrap around temples. Use sunscreen and self-tanner under eyes if needed. Rotate glasses to distribute tan evenly.

Why don’t I tan under my eyes?

The skin under the eyes is very thin and lacks melanin compared to the rest of your face. It also sits in the shadow of your brow bone. This makes it hard to tan that area evenly. Extra sunscreen and self-tanner can help balance it.

How do I keep my sunglasses from leaving marks on my face?

Try frames with padded nose bridges and arms to minimize pressure lines. Adjust the fit to limit gaps where sunlight sneaks in. Take periodic shade breaks to allow tan to develop evenly across your face.

Is it normal for sunglasses to leave marks?

Some temporary indentation is normal from sunglasses, especially around the nose and temples. But pronounced raccoon eyes or rings around the eyes indicate you need fuller coverage shades and more diligent protection of uncovered skin.


Knowing how to avoid sunglasses tan line keeps your summer look on point. With the right sunglasses, vigilant sun protection, and handy makeup tricks, you can outsmart annoying raccoon eyes. Use these tips to stay tan line-free and enjoy the sunny season in cool shades!

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