Why Does Gojo Wear Sunglasses? Unveiling 2 Profound Reasons [2023]

“Why does Gojo wear sunglasses?” This query encapsulates the allure of Gojo Satoru, the “Strongest Sorcerer” in “Jujutsu Kaisen.” Beyond a mere fashion choice, his sunglasses hint at a deeper tale of power and purpose. Concealing his Six Eyes technique, these shades symbolize restraint and responsibility, guarding against unintentional harm. As we journey through Gojo’s enigmatic world, we uncover the layers that define his character and unravel the intricacies of his signature look.


A Brief History of Gojo Satoru

To understand why Gojo wears sunglasses, it helps to know a bit about his background. Gojo is a jujutsu sorcerer and teacher at the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu High School. He is known as the Strongest Sorcerer due to his immense power and skills.

Gojo hails from the distinguished Gojo family, one of the three big jujutsu families in Japan. He is the heir to the Limitless Cursed Technique, an incredibly powerful technique that allows him to manipulate space.

From a young age, Gojo’s overwhelming power was evident. He was born with the Six Eyes technique, an advanced form of the Limitless that granted him immense sensory abilities and perception. However, the Six Eyes came at a price – direct eye contact with Gojo can overwhelm and drive people insane.

Why Does Gojo Wear Sunglasses?

The Reason Behind Gojo’s Blindfold and Sunglasses

Gojo wears a blindfold over his eyes to seal his overwhelming Six Eyes power. The blindfold suppresses his techniques so he does not unintentionally harm others with his gaze.

Over the blindfold, Gojo wears a pair of sunglasses. These act as an additional protective barrier, ensuring his eyes stay completely covered. The sunglasses also give Gojo a cool, mysterious look befitting his status as the strongest sorcerer.

So in summary, Gojo wears sunglasses on top of his blindfold for two main reasons

  1. To seal the power of his Six Eyes technique
  2. As an extra precaution to keep his eyes covered

Other Benefits of Gojo’s Sunglasses

In addition to suppressing his Six Eyes abilities, Gojo’s sunglasses provide other benefits

Protection from Debris and Damage

The sunglasses act as protective eyewear when Gojo is battling powerful curses. They shield his eyes from any flying debris or harmful energies.

An Intimidating Appearance

The sleek sunglasses contribute to Gojo’s cool, nonchalant aura. Along with his laidback attitude, the shades give Gojo an intimidating appearance that strikes fear in his enemies.

A Stylish Look

Gojo is all about style. The sunglasses complement his flashy outfits, contributing to his signature look. For someone as powerful as Gojo, fashion is clearly a priority.

When Does Gojo Remove His Sunglasses

Gojo only removes his sunglasses in certain extreme situations


Battling a Strong Opponent

When facing off against powerful special grade curses like Hanami and Jogo, Gojo will remove his blindfold and sunglasses to unleash the full extent of his Six Eyes and Limitless abilities.

Teaching an Important Lesson

As a teacher, Gojo will sometimes remove his sunglasses when he wants to make an important point and teach his students an impactful lesson through direct eye contact.

Gazing at Scenic Views

On rare occasions when Gojo is relaxing and taking in scenic views, he may remove his sunglasses and blindfold to see the world directly with his own eyes. But he is always careful to avoid looking at people to prevent harming them.

Why Does Gojo Keep His Eyes Hidden

Gojo keeps his eyes hidden behind sunglasses and a blindfold to contain his powerful Limitless Technique and Six Eyes abilities. His devastating powers could overwhelm or severely harm anyone who gazed directly into Gojo’s eyes. The blindfold suppresses most of his power, while the sunglasses provide an extra layer of protection. This prevents Gojo from unintentionally overwhelming people around him.

Does Gojo Ever Take Off His Sunglasses


Gojo generally keeps his sunglasses on at all times. He will only remove them in extreme situations against powerful enemies or when he wants to teach an important lesson to his students. Gojo is highly cautious about taking off his sunglasses and blindfold due to the dangers of revealing his overwhelming Six Eyes power.

What Are Gojo’s Powers

As the heir to the Limitless Technique, Gojo can manipulate space and create infinite voids. His Six Eyes grant him immense sensory perception, extremely fast reflexes, and the ability to immediately understand complex techniques. Combined, these make Gojo practically invincible in combat. However, direct eye contact with Gojo can overwhelm people’s minds.

How Did Gojo Get So Strong

Gojo was born with the extraordinarily rare Six Eyes technique and trained from a young age to master the Limitless Technique. His natural talents and intensive training allowed Gojo to gain complete control over his abilities and become the strongest modern sorcerer by far. However, Gojo’s strength came at the cost of isolating himself to protect others.

Why is Gojo So Important in Jujutsu Kaisen?

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo is considered humanity’s greatest defender against curses. He is the honoured one, spoken of in prophecy and destined to either lead or destroy jujutsu society. As the top sorcerer, Gojo plays a pivotal role in training students and keeping curses at bay. His immense power and laidback attitude make him one of the series’ most popular characters.

What Brands of Sunglasses Does Gojo Wear Sunglasses?

Gojo’s taste in shades is top-notch! He opts for sunglasses from brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Gucci, giving his style an extra edge.

FAQs about Why Gojo Wears Sunglasses:


Does Gojo ever take his blindfold off?

Gojo rarely removes his blindfold completely. He only does so when unleashing his full power against the strongest enemies or to make an important point while teaching students. Otherwise, the blindfold stays on to suppress his Six Eyes.

What happens if Gojo takes his blindfold and sunglasses off?

If Gojo removed his blindfold and sunglasses, his overwhelmingly powerful gaze would incapacitate or drive insane anyone who looked directly at his eyes. Only the strongest sorcerers could potentially withstand it.

Can Gojo see through his blindfold?

Yes, Gojo can still see clearly when wearing his blindfold thanks to the sensory abilities granted by his Six Eyes technique. The blindfold suppresses most of his power while allowing vision.

Does the blindfold seal all of Gojo’s power?

No, the blindfold suppresses the vast majority of Gojo’s power but not all of it. Without the blindfold, his true strength is limitless. With the blindfold, he is still the most powerful sorcerer but at a more contained level.

Why does Gojo wear a mask under the blindfold?

Gojo wears a protective mask underneath his blindfold to ensure his eyes are completely covered at all times. The mask blocks light and provides an extra durable barrier protecting his Six Eyes.



In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru stands out as the strongest modern day sorcerer. His signature look includes wearing sunglasses over his blindfold.

Gojo wears sunglasses for two main reasons – to seal his extraordinarily powerful Six Eyes technique and provide extra protection covering his eyes.

The sunglasses complement Gojo’s cool, laidback attitude while also making sure he does not accidentally overwhelm people with his Limitless abilities. Only in the rarest situations will Gojo remove his sunglasses and blindfold, unleashing his full might against powerful foes or when teaching important lessons to students.

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