Wildhorn Radke MTB Cycling Glasses Reviewed 2023 – Helpful Features, Pros, Cons

Finding the right cycling sunglasses can be a challenging endeavor for mountain bikers and trail riders. You need eyewear that can handle rugged terrain, protect your eyes from debris and crashes, and enhance visibility on the trails. Many riders struggle to find affordable sunglasses that check all these key boxes without compromising performance and durability.

The Wildhorn Radke MTB Cycling Glasses aim to deliver a well-rounded mountain biking eyewear solution suitable for various conditions and riding needs. With interchangeable lenses, a removable frame, specialized optics, and durable construction, the Radke glasses provide both versatility and reliability out on the trails.

In this guide, I’ll explore how the Wildhorn Radke sunglasses can optimize your trail rides and overcome common mountain biking eyewear pain points like poor visibility, lack of customization, and fragile frames.

You’ll learn why innovations like the Fēnom lens technology and convertible frame design allow the Radke model to stand out from typical cheap sunglasses that tend to disappoint. I’ll also assess how the Radke glasses stack up regarding UV protection, secure fit, field of vision, and other vital performance metrics for mountain biking.

By the end, you’ll understand the pros, cons, and ideal use cases for the Wildhorn Radke sunglasses so you can make an informed decision about whether they are a worthy investment for your mountain biking adventures.

Wildhorn Radke MTB Cycling Glasses – A Detailed Review

In this detailed review, I will highlight the standout features of the Wildhorn Radke glasses, assess their pros and cons, and provide recommendations on who these cycling sunglasses are best suited for.

Top 7 Unique Features of the Wildhorn Radke Cycling Glasses

Wildhorn Radke Sunglasses - Best MTB Cycling Glasses
Wildhorn Radke Sunglasses – Best MTB Cycling Glasses

Fēnom Technology for Light Management

The Wildhorn Radke glasses utilize Fēnom technology in the lenses to properly manage the downhill light spectrum while mountain biking or trail running. This technology maintains true color vision and helps distinguish between trails, rocks, and trees for enhanced safety and performance. The specialized light management allows you to maximize visibility and see details on the trails more clearly. For cyclists, being able to accurately perceive the terrain and trail conditions can be crucial for both performance and safety.

Interchangeable Lenses for Versatility

The cycling glasses come with three interchangeable lenses – one for sunny days, one for cloudy days, and one for early morning/evening riding. The three lenses have different visual light transmission (VLT) ratings to match the light conditions. This interchangeable lens system provides versatility to use the glasses in different weather and light conditions. You can optimize your vision and protection by simply swapping out the lenses based on the current conditions.

Removable Frame for Adjustable Coverage

The bottom portion of the frame can be removed to convert the Radke glasses from a full frame to a half frame design. This allows you to improve downward peripheral vision for seeing the trail when riding. The removable frame gives you customizable coverage and vision options to suit your preferences and riding needs. A separate nose piece can be used in half frame mode for a secure fit.

Durable and Lightweight Frames

The Radke cycling glasses are constructed with durable yet lightweight TR90 frames that provide flexibility and resistance to scratches. The thermoplastic frames are designed to withstand rugged outdoor use while maintaining a comfortable lightweight feel that won’t bounce around or shift during riding. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and protection mile after mile on the trails.

Enhanced Secure Fit

For a stable secure fit, the glasses include grip-textured nose and ear pieces that prevent slipping. The comfort wrap frame stems and angle ends are engineered to be helmet compatible and stay in place when riding. The ergonomic shape and textured accents keep the glasses fitting snugly on different face shapes without chafing or uncomfortable pressure points.

Protection from UVA/UVB Rays

All of the interchangeable polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV400 protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This shields your eyes from glare and eye damage when riding in sunny conditions. The tinted lenses also help improve visual contrast on the trails.

Designed and Tested for Mountain Biking

The Radke MTB glasses were designed and tested on mountain biking trails near Salt Lake City, Utah. The direct testing and input from local riders resulted in an eyewear design optimized specifically for mountain biking and off-road cycling performance. The glasses account for helmet compatibility, bounce reduction, and maximizing visibility – key factors for trail riding eyewear.

Analysis of Standout Features and Benefits for Cyclists

Fēnom lens technology a key advantage for cyclists

The Fēnom lens technology provides a key advantage for cyclists by optimizing light transmission, visibility, and color interpretation on the trails. Being able to accurately discern terrain details, especially downhill sections, enhances both performance and safety that all riders can benefit from.

Multiple Interchangeable Lenses Maximizes The Versatility

Having multiple interchangeable lenses truly maximizes the versatility of the Radke glasses for mountain biking in diverse conditions. You can tailor your vision and eye protection to the current lighting and weather every time you hit the trails. The ability to switch out lenses prevents you from having to own multiple pairs of cycling glasses.

Removable Frame Design: An Innovative Feature

Easily Removeable Base Fream - Wildhorn Radke Sunglasses
Easily Removeable Base Fream – Wildhorn Radke Sunglasses

The removable frame design is an innovative feature that gives you more control over peripheral vision versus standard full frame glasses. Removing the lower portion opens up the field of view for seeing the trail, which aids maneuverability and line choice while riding downhill.

Durability And Secure Fit

The durability and secure fit provided by the Radke’s frame and accents like the textured nose pad make them ideal for vigorous mountain biking where glasses are subjected to bumps and vibration. You don’t have to worry about the glasses bouncing around, slipping, or succumbing to scratches from scrapes and falls.

Blocking 100% of UV rays

By blocking 100% of UV rays, the lenses protect your eyes from harsh glare and damage caused by exposure during hours of outdoor riding. The tint and light optimization also reduce eye strain that can occur on bright sunny days.

The fact that the Radke glasses were rigorously tested on actual mountain biking trails gives added assurance that they can perform in real trail conditions. The input from local riders helped refine the design for optimal compatibility and effectiveness while mountain biking.

Unique Aspects of the Wildhorn Radke MTB Cycling Glasses

Two of the most unique aspects of the Wildhorn Radke MTB glasses that set them apart from competitors are the Fēnom lens technology and the removable frame design.

Fēnom technology

The Fēnom technology that manages light transmission and improves terrain visibility is an innovative feature not found on most rival cycling glasses. Competitors may have interchangeable lenses with different tint levels, but they lack specialized tech to optimize color and detail recognition on the trails. Especially when mountain biking at high speeds, being able to accurately discern obstacles and trail features can be a distinct advantage the Fēnom lens system provides.

Removable Lower Frame

The removable lower frame section of the Radke glasses is a truly unique trait. Most wraparound cycling glasses have a fixed full frame design. Being able to remove the lower frame piece to open up downward peripheral vision makes the Radke model special. For mountain bikers, having expanded visibility of the trail can aid handling, reaction time, and line selection when riding rugged downhill sections. The ability to convert the Radke glasses from full frame to half frame sets them apart from competitors stuck with a fixed frame.

The Pros of the Wildhorn Radke MTB Cycling Glasses

  • Fēnom lenses enhance trail visibility and terrain details
  • Interchangeable lenses allow use in diverse lighting conditions
  • Removable frame improves downward peripheral vision
  • Durable and flexible TR90 frames withstand rugged use
  • Lightweight design for comfort during hours of riding
  • Secure wraparound fit stays put on trails
  • Textured nose and ear pieces prevent slipping
  • 100% UV400 protection shields eyes from harsh rays
  • Tinted lenses reduce glare and eye strain in sun
  • Tested and refined specifically for mountain biking
  • Great quality for an affordable price point
  • Stylish, sleek frame design
  • Includes protective case and cleaning cloth
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

The Cons of the Wildhorn Radke Cycling Glasses

  • Lack of prescription/corrective lens options
  • Limited color options (frame and lenses)
  • Not ideal for road cycling or non-mountain biking
  • Lenses can develop minor scratches over time
  • No options for polarized lenses
  • Large frame may not fit smaller faces well
  • Changing lenses can take some practice
  • Case could be more heavy duty

Recommendations for the Wildhorn Radke Cycling Glasses

The Wildhorn Radke cycling glasses are designed specifically with mountain bikers and trail riders in mind. I would primarily recommend these glasses to:

  1. Mountain bikers riding on technical downhill trails
  2. Cyclists that want enhanced vision of terrain and trail obstacles
  3. Riders concerned about protecting eyes from rugged crashes
  4. Athletes needing interchangeable lenses for variable light conditions
  5. Outdoor enthusiasts seeking durable sports eyewear for hiking, running, etc.
  6. Individuals wanting quality eyewear without paying premium prices
  7. Those who prefer a secure wraparound frame fit for cycling
  8. Anyone needing UV protection for long hours in the sun

The removable frame, grip accents, helmet-friendly design, and downhill optimized lenses make the Radke model a great choice for dedicated mountain bike riders. The glasses are also a solid option for casual cyclists, runners, hikers, and other active individuals wanting durable sunglasses with performance features for outdoor recreation.

Wildhorn Radke MTB Cycling Glasses are likely overkill for pure road cycling where seeing terrain is less critical. The styling may also not appeal to riders wanting a classic slim sports glasses look. Individuals with smaller faces may find the large wraparound frames don’t fit their facial structure well.

Overall though, the Radke cycling glasses provide an impressive balance of quality optics, durability, customization, and value. For the affordable price point, the glasses deliver on key performance and protection criteria important for trail riding. If you want versatile sunglasses to enhance your mountain biking or outdoor adventures, the Wildhorn Radke model is certainly worthy of consideration.


What makes the Wildhorn Radke sunglasses ideal for mountain biking?

The Radke sunglasses are engineered specifically with mountain biking in mind. Key design elements like the removable lower frame section, textured and angles earnose pieces, and Fēnom lens technology optimize them for trails. The interchangeable lenses and durable TR90 frames make the Radke glasses highly adaptable and rugged enough for off-road riding too. For MTB riders needing tunable eye protection and enhanced downhill visibility, the Radke model delivers.

Do the Radke sunglasses work for activities beyond mountain biking?

While designed for mountain biking, the Radke sunglasses can certainly work for other vigorous outdoor sports like trail running, hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering. Their durable build, secure wrap-around fit, and UV protection also make them suitable for activities like fishing, sailing, rock climbing, and more. They provide versatile eye protection beyond just mountain biking trails.

Why are interchangeable lenses useful?

Having multiple interchangeable lenses allows you to tailor the Radke sunglasses to current light conditions. The high visual light transmission (VLT) lens works great for overcast days, while the low VLT option is ideal for very sunny conditions. You optimize visibility and eye comfort by changing lenses based on the lighting. You also avoid having to own multiple pairs of sunglasses.

Do the Radke sunglasses accommodate prescription lenses?

Unfortunately, the Radke sunglasses do not natively accommodate corrective prescription lenses. However, some wearers have been able to fit prescription lenses inside the Radke frames. You may need to carefully measure and order prescription lenses that fit the Radke frames from your optometrist. Prescription lenses can be tricky but are possible with some trial and error.

Are the Radke sunglasses suitable for small faces?

The Radke sunglasses may not be ideal for riders with very small or narrow faces. The wraparound frames have a bold style that caters more towards medium and larger face shapes. The frames could look and feel oversized on individuals with smaller heads. Trying them on first is recommended if you have concerns about the frame size.

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Finding cycling sunglasses that can endure treacherous mountain biking trails while providing optimal visibility is no easy task. Many models lack the rugged build quality, customizable vision, and trail-specific features necessary for aggressive off-road riding. Cheap sunglasses that may work fine for casual use often won’t withstand the abuse and extreme conditions inherent to this action-packed sport.

The Wildhorn Radke MTB Cycling Glasses deliver a compelling option that checks the essential boxes for performance mountain biking eyewear. Innovations like the removable lower frame and specialized Fēnom optics show Wildhorn’s focus on addressing common pain points specific to MTB riders.

The Radke model balances important versatility traits like interchangeable lenses and convertible framing with trail-ready durability and a secure wrap-around fit. At their affordable price point, they outshine most budget sunglasses that tend to sacrifice key quality and features. While not as premium feeling as some high-end brands, the Radke glasses still offer impressive function and value.

If you regularly bomb down rocky singletrack or winding forest trails on your mountain bike, the Wildhorn Radke sunglasses deserve a hard look. Their capacity to handle rough descending, enhance visibility of obstacles and terrain variation, and protect eyes from errant branches and debris makes them ideal for hardcore MTB enthusiasts. More casual bicyclists may find the removable frames and robust build overkill. But for riders who punish their gear and demand stability at speed on rough terrain, the Radke sunglasses will excel.

Just take the time to select the frame size and lens options best suited to your needs. Test the fit and interchangeable lens system to ensure optimal comfort and vision adaption. Keep reasonable expectations at this affordable price point and you’re sure to be impressed by the Radke glasses’ performance capabilities tailored distinctly for conquering the trails.

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