Prada PR14YS Rectangle Sunglasses Review 2023 – 7 Best and 2 Unique Features

Finding stylish, high-quality sunglasses that actually protect your eyes can feel impossible. Cheap pairs from the drugstore might be trendy or on-budget, but they often lack UV protection or break easily. Designer brands have style and durability but come with outrageous price tags and limited lens options. Most sunglasses on the market mean compromising form for function, or vice versa.

But Prada PR14YS rectangle sunglasses for women aim to deliver the best of both worlds. These shades check off all the must-haves: sleek aesthetics, sturdy construction, effective UV blocking, and versatile wear. Prada’s impeccable craftsmanship gives the iconic rectangle shape an elevated yet timeless look.

The non-polarized lenses filter harsh light without distortion for crisp vision. Whether you’re looking for an everyday pair, statement accessory, or splurge-worthy investment, the PR14YS sunglasses could be the solution.

Keep reading this in-depth review for details on features, recommendations, and FAQs to determine if these Prada shades are your perfect match.

With the PR14YS, you don’t have to sacrifice vision for fashion or vice versa.

Discover why these Prada sunglasses are designed to meet all your eyewear needs, however discerning.

Prada PR14YS Rectangle Sunglasses Review:

Here are the 7 best features that make the Prada PR14YS Rectangle Sunglasses stand out:

Prada PR14YS Rectangle Sunglasses for Women +BUNDLE with Designer iWear Care Kit

Timeless Rectangular Frame:

The oversized rectangular frame flatters a wide variety of face shapes. This classic style transcends trends and seasons so you can wear these shades year after year without looking dated.

Lightweight Comfort:

Weighing just 12.8 ounces, these sunglasses feel lightweight and comfortable on your face. The flexible plastic frame won’t pinch or create uncomfortable pressure points.

Scratch-Resistant Lenses:

The plastic lenses have a scratch-resistant coating to prevent minor scuffs and scratches from ruining the view. This protects your investment in quality eyewear.

UV Protection:

With UV400 protection, these sunglasses shield your eyes from 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. This helps prevent long-term eye damage from sun exposure.

Subtle Branding:

The iconic Prada triangle logo is discreetly etched on the arms, lending an air of luxury without shouting the designer name. The all-black colorway also keeps the look timeless.

Carrying Case Included:

The sunglasses come packaged in a sleek hard case that protects them from getting crushed in your bag. The case also makes storage and organization easy.

Two-Year Warranty:

Prada covers manufacturer defects with a two-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Unique Features

The two unique features that make these sunglasses stand out are the rectangular lens shape and subtle Prada branding.

The rectangle shape flatters most face shapes while providing ample coverage and protection. Unlike round or oval lenses, the rectangular silhouette also stays on-trend season after season.

The discreet Prada logo adds signature designer flair without overwhelming the frames. Together, these details create sunglasses that feel fresh, luxurious, and fashion-forward.


  • Timeless and stylish rectangular frame
  • Lightweight and comfortable plastic construction
  • Scratch-resistant coating protects lenses
  • Full UV400 protection shields eyes
  • Subtle designer detailing with Prada logo
  • Includes protective case for storage
  • Backed by 2-year manufacturer warranty


  • Lenses not polarized, may not cut all glare
  • Limited color options – only available in black
  • Expensive compared to non-designer styles
  • Arms are not adjustable


The Prada PR14YS Rectangle Sunglasses are recommended for:

  1. Fashionistas and designer eyewear collectors looking for the perfect pair of luxury shades. The iconic styling and touches like the Prada logo provide designer appeal.
  2. Shoppers seeking a versatile, rectangular pair of sunglasses suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. The classic black color matches everything.
  3. Those who prefer non-polarized lenses. The plastic lenses provide UV protection without polarization.
  4. Anyone needing a lightweight, comfortable pair of sunglasses for long days out in the sun. The plastic frames stay comfortable.
  5. People who appreciate sleek, protective cases for storing their sunglasses in style.


Q: Do these sunglasses offer full UV protection?

A: Yes, these Prada sunglasses provide complete UV400 protection to shield your eyes from 100% of UVA and UVB rays. This is essential for filtering out harmful ultraviolet light that can damage your eyes and cause conditions like cataracts over time.

Q: What size lens width do these sunglasses have?

A: The Prada PR14YS Rectangle Sunglasses have a lens width of 53 millimeters. This is considered an oversized, rectangular shape that provides ample coverage without looking bulky.

Q: Can the arms on these sunglasses be adjusted?

A: Unfortunately, no – the arms on these Prada sunglasses are not adjustable. They feature a standard arm length that may not be ideal for smaller faces. Trying them on in person is recommended.

Q: Are these sunglasses polarized?

A: No, the plastic lenses on these Prada sunglasses are non-polarized. They block 100% of UV rays but do not use polarization technology to reduce glare.

Q: What colors are these Prada rectangle sunglasses available in?

A: Currently, these sunglasses are only available in classic black. The all-black colorway keeps the look neutral and versatile to match with any outfit.


If you’re searching for designer sunglasses that perfectly balance form and function, the Prada PR14YS Rectangle Sunglasses check all the boxes. Their classic rectangular silhouette provides timeless style and ample coverage, while the lightweight plastic frames offer day-long comfort. Prada’s signature discreet logo detailing lends an air of luxury. With total UV protection and scratch-resistant lenses housed in a chic protective case, these sunglasses provide practical perks as well.

The only downsides are the fixed arm length and lack of polarization, but overall, the Prada PR14YS live up to their designer reputation. For fashionistas and sunglass connoisseurs alike, these shades deserve a spot at the top of the wish list this season. Just remember to buy from a reputable retailer and take advantage of the two-year manufacturer warranty. With the right care and storage, these Prada sunglasses will elevate your look for years to come. Don’t get left in the dark – let the PR14YS Rectangle Sunglasses infuse your wardrobe with designer style and eye protection today.

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