Maui Jim Cliff House Review: 5 Reasons Why These Are Best Polarized Sunglasses for Adventure

As an avid outdoorsman and world traveler, finding sunglasses that can withstand adventures while reducing glare has always been a challenge for me. After testing countless pairs over the years, I was thrilled to discover Maui Jim Cliff House Polarized Aviator Sunglasses. Their patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology goes above and beyond to protect eyes while revealing the true vibrancy of the world.

In this review, I’ll highlight the standout features of the Cliff House Polarized Aviators after thoroughly testing them in real-world conditions. From the stylish titanium frame to the color-boosting polarized lenses, these sunglasses perform exceptionally well for outdoor activities. I’ll provide an in-depth look at the pros, cons, unique features, and reasons why the Cliff House Aviators are my new go-to sunglasses for adventure.

Maui Jim Cliff House Review – Best Polarized Sunglasses for Adventure

Here are the 7 best features of the Maui Jim Cliff House Polarized Aviator Sunglasses and why they stand out:

Maui Jim Men's and Women Cliff House Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

1. PolarizedPlus2 Lens Technology

The proprietary PolarizedPlus2 lenses are the real showstopper. Maui Jim’s innovative technology blocks 100% of harmful UV rays while also reducing glare. The lenses have a polarization filter aligned at the molecular level to eliminate distracting glare and provide enhanced color, clarity, and contrast. This allows me to see fine details vividly and comfortably without squinting, especially near water, snow, or other reflective surfaces. The crisp, high-definition views make activities like driving, fishing, hiking, and golfing much more immersive and enjoyable.

2. Lightweight Titanium Frame

The durable yet flexible titanium frame is lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. Weighing just 1 ounce with ultra-thin arms, these sunglasses hardly feel noticeable when worn. The strength and corrosion resistance of titanium also allows the frame to withstand rugged adventures. I never worry about them breaking in my backpack. Plus, the sleek, glossy frame with understated rivets gives them a very stylish high-end look.

3. Stylish Aviator Design

The aviator-style sunglasses are a timeless, iconic shape that flatters most face shapes. The proportionate teardrop lenses balanced on the double bridge give them a very complementary, flattering profile. The aviators suit both men and women and work for any age range. Though the design has vintage roots, the Cliff House aviators still feel modern and sharp. I get compliments every time I wear them!

4. Gradient Lenses

The lenses have a graduated tint, darker at the top and lighter toward the bottom. This helps maintain visibility whether you’re looking ahead at the horizon or glancing down. The specific Hawaii Lava lens I chose has a reddish tint that heightens contrast beautifully while allowing me to see colors vividly. The gradient effect also looks very aesthetically pleasing.

5. Scratch-Resistant Lenses

The durable composite lenses have a protective coating that repels grease, smudges, and scratches. No matter how rough I am with them, the lenses stay crystal clear. I never have to worry about destroying the lenses by accident.

6. Hydrophobic Coating

The lenses and frames have a water-repelling hydrophobic coating. Even when I’m sweating or caught in the rain during activities, water beads right off the sunglasses so they never get waterlogged. The coating prevents moisture buildup and damage.

7. Polarized for Reduced Glare

The polarized lenses are optimized to eliminate blinding glare that reflects off horizontal surfaces like water, snow, pavement, and glass. This protects my eyes while hiking, driving, boating, and participating in water/snow sports. The polarization cuts surface glare to improve visual contrast and comfort.

Unique Features:

Maui HT Lens Material

Maui Jim Cliff House proprietary High Transmission lens material is lightweight but hardy. It allows for crisper optics and truer color transmission. The polycarbonate has a high index of refraction for sharp focus too.

CLEARSHELL® Scratch Coating

This proprietary coating bonds to the lens at a molecular level to create a smooth, hard, scratch-resistant shield. The ultra-thin smooth surface repels water, grease, and dirt. This durable coating holds up extremely well to my active, rugged lifestyle.


  • Lightweight yet durable titanium frame
  • Polarized lenses drastically reduce glare
  • Enhanced color and clarity with PolarizedPlus2 technology
  • Gradient lens tint for visibility at all angles
  • Water and grease repellent lens coating
  • Stylish, flattering aviator shape
  • Provides 100% UV protection
  • Backed by Maui Jim’s outstanding warranty


  • Expensive, but worth the investment
  • Lenses are not interchangeable
  • Case could be more protective


I highly recommend the Maui Jim Cliff House Aviators for any active individuals that want stylish sunglasses with superior performance.

The crisp optics and durable build make them ideal for water sports, hiking, traveling, driving, and everyday wear. The aviator shape flatters most face shapes too.

For those willing to invest in their eye health and outdoor performance, the Cliff House Polarized Aviators are a fantastic choice.

They will provide crystal clear, vibrant views of the world for years to come thanks to the durable, scratch-resistant materials and timeless design.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Maui Jim Cliff House Polarized Aviator Sunglasses:

Do the Cliff House aviators work well for driving?

Yes, the polarized lenses make them excellent sunglasses for driving. They cut down on blinding glare and reflection from surfaces like the dashboard, other cars, and wet roads. The gradient tint allows you to see clearly whether you’re looking straight ahead or checking mirrors and blindspots. They improve visual clarity and reduce eyestrain.

How durable are the frame and lenses?

The titanium frame and composite lenses are ultra durable and built to last through rugged use. The frame won’t bend or break while the scratch-resistant lens coating protects the lenses from damage. Maui Jim also backs them with a strong 2 year warranty so they will withstand years of regular use.

Do they offer enough protection for water sports?

Definitely. The hydrophobic coating causes water to bead off the lenses and frame so they won’t get waterlogged while boating, surfing, etc. The polarized lenses cut through reflection and glare from the water surface to improve visibility and reduce eyestrain. They also offer 100% protection from UV rays.

Can you wear the Cliff House sunglasses all day?

Yes, the lightweight build and comfortable fit allow them to be worn comfortably for extended periods. At just 1 ounce, you barely notice them. The durable frame also won’t bend out of shape with prolonged wear. The polarization and UV protection make them suitable for wearing from sunrise to sunset.

Do the lenses come in other tint options?

Maui Jim offers the Cliff House aviator style with a variety of lens tint options like gray, brown, and green to suit different light conditions and style preferences. The Hawaii Lava red mirror tint I reviewed is just one of many available lens colors.


Finding high-quality sunglasses that can keep up with an active lifestyle is a difficult challenge. After testing the Maui Jim Cliff House Polarized Aviators extensively, I can confidently say they are one of the best performance sunglasses on the market. The proprietary PolarizedPlus2 lenses are game-changing, providing unparalleled visual clarity while protecting eyes from harsh glares and UV rays.

The stylish aviator shape flatters most faces while the durable titanium frame stays comfortable and flexible even during rugged use. Useful features like the gradient tint, hydrophobic coating, and scratch-resistance also allow the shades to withstand any adventure. While the sunglasses are an investment, the clarity, comfort, and protection they provide are worth every penny. They will maintain optimal performance for years to come thanks to the durable build.

For those seeking their next pair of performance sunglasses for outdoor adventures, driving, or everyday wear, the Maui Jim Cliff House Polarized Aviators receive my highest recommendation. They combine timeless style with innovative functional features to create a truly exceptional pair of shades. Your eyes will thank you for the protection and clarity!

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