Persol PO5003ST Round Sunglasses Review: 7 Powerful Reasons Why Are Best for Driving and Style

As a glasses wearer myself, I know the struggle of trying to find shades that fit comfortably over prescription lenses while also providing adequate coverage from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover the Persol PO5003ST Round Sunglasses. Persol is an iconic Italian eyewear brand known for impeccable craftsmanship and timeless designs.

In this review, I’ll provide an in-depth look at the key features, pros and cons, and reasons why the PO5003ST model is an excellent choice for those seeking fashionable, high-quality sunglasses.

Whether you’re a sunglass aficionado or simply want a pair of shades you can rely on season after season, read on to see why the Persol PO5003STs should be at the top of your wishlist.

Persol PO5003ST Round Sunglasses Review

Here are 7 Powerful Reasons Why Persol PO5003ST round sunglasses Are Best for Driving and Style

Persol PO5003ST Round Sunglasses

1. Polarized Lenses Offer Glare Reduction and Visual Clarity:

The polarized glass lenses are arguably the most important feature of the PO5003ST sunglasses.

They utilize a special filtering technology that blocks horizontally reflected light rays. This eliminates annoying glares and reflections from surfaces like water, snow, glass, and pavement.

Wearers can see clearly without squinting or eye fatigue. The lenses make activities like driving, fishing, boating, and beach days much more comfortable and safer by improving vision.

The sharp, glare-free optics also enhance the vividness of colors and depth perception.

2. 100% UV Protection Coating Safeguards Your Eyes:

Excessive UV exposure over time can lead to eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye.

The specialized coating applied to the PO5003ST lenses filters out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This fully protects the delicate tissue in your eyes while wearing the shades in bright, direct sunlight.

You don’t have to worry about cumulative damage when the lenses block all UV.

3. Titanium Frames are Lightweight Yet Durable:

The PO5003ST frames are constructed from lightweight yet durable titanium metal. Titanium is corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic, and incredibly flexible.

This makes the frames extremely lightweight and comfortable on your nose and ears. Despite being so lightweight, the titanium frames maintain their shape and integrity even with regular wear.

They won’t succumb to bending or breaking under pressure.

4. Classic Pilot Shape is Universally Flattering:

The iconic Persol pilot frame shape features a double bridge and round crystal lenses. This flattering look was originally designed for Italian Air Force pilots in the 1960s.

Now it’s become a fashionable, retro-inspired frame suited for both men and women. The rounder lens shape and keyhole-style bridge are especially complementary for those with heart-shaped faces.

5. Meflecto Temple Technology Enhances Comfort and Fit:

Persol’s patented Meflecto temple technology allows the temples to flex and conform to your head’s shape. The adjustable flexibility creates a customized, secure fit without feeling tight or pressing on your temples. Meflecto technology also enhances comfort during prolonged wear.

6. Scratch-Resistant Lenses Maintain Clarity:

The lenses of the PO5003ST sunglasses are made from crystal-tempered glass. This type of glass has undergone a controlled heating/cooling process to increase its durability and resistance to scratches.

The scratch-resistant properties help maintain the visual clarity of the lenses over time. Small scratches that normally would develop from regular use and cleaning won’t affect your vision or degrade the optics.

7. Protective Case Included for Added Care:

Each pair of PO5003STs comes with a sturdy protective case. The case allows you to securely store the sunglasses when not in use to prevent scratches or damage. It also provides protection if you want to toss the shades in your bag or luggage when traveling.

The included case is essential for keeping your sunglasses in pristine, like-new condition over years of use. It’s an added value that ensures you can safeguard your investment.

Unique Features:

Handmade in Italy Using Traditional Techniques:

Persol still employs artisanal craftsmanship to produce each pair of PO5003STs at their factory in Italy. From the intricate Meflecto temples to sleek titanium frames, traditional methods result in a beautifully crafted end product.

Vintage-Inspired Design Offers Retro Cool:

Donning a pair of PO5003STs is like stepping back in time while still looking ahead. The mid-century pilot shape evokes 1960s style in a fresh, contemporary way. Nostalgic but not dated.


  • Polarized lenses provide excellent glare reduction and visual clarity
  • Protect eyes fully from harmful UV rays thanks to UV protection coating
  • Lightweight titanium frames are durable and comfortable for daily wear
  • Round double bridge shape complements various face shapes
  • Meflecto temples allow for a customized, secure fit
  • Durable glass lenses resist scratches to maintain clarity
  • Handcrafted quality with artisanal Italian attention to detail
  • Vintage pilot look offers retro flair with modern appeal


  • Higher price point than non-designer brands
  • Glass lenses are heavier than plastic options
  • Limited color/lens options compared to other Persol models
  • Pilot style may not suit those who prefer square frames
  • Temple flexibility makes glasses feel more delicate


I would recommend the Persol PO5003ST Round Sunglasses for:

  1. Frequent drivers who want polarized lenses to cut glare
  2. Outdoor enthusiasts looking for durable performance shades
  3. Fashion-forward shoppers who love retro/vintage design
  4. Those seeking lightweight but sturdy titanium eyeglass frames
  5. People with rounder face shapes that suit the circular lens shape
  6. Sunglass wearers wanting strong UV protection when out in the sun

The PO5003STs make an excellent everyday pair of sunglasses with their blend of style, comfort, and protective capabilities. For buyers wanting high-end Italian craftsmanship in their eyewear, these sunglasses deliver sophistication and quality.


How is the sizing on the Persol PO5003STs?

The PO5003STs have a standard unisex sizing that should fit most people well. The round shape works nicely for a variety of face shapes. The 54mm lens width and 145mm arm length accommodate both men and women. The frames are on the smaller side so may not be ideal for those with very wide or large heads. I recommend measuring existing sunglasses you own and like the fit of, and comparing those measurements to the PO5003ST specs to find your best size match. The titanium also has some flex to custom mold to your head for a secure feel.

Are the lenses interchangeable on these Persol sunglasses?

No, the PO5003ST model does not have interchangeable lenses. The green polarized glass lenses are fixed in the frames. Many Persol designs do allow you to swap out the lenses in order to change colors or functions. But the vintage styling of the PO5003STs does not permit lens changes. If you want a pair of Persols with customizable lenses, check out aviator and square shaped models which often feature this capability. For those who only need one reliable lens option, the fixed PO5003ST lenses offer great polarization and UV protection.

What are the different color options available for these sunglasses?

The Persol PO5003ST Round Sunglasses sunglasses come in a variety of different frame colors paired with the green polarized lenses. Some popular color choices include:

  • Black/Dark Havana: Black acetate frames with brown havana arms
  • Shiny Light Havana: Tan transparent frames with matching arms
  • Matte Black/Crystal: Matte black frame fronts with grayish temples
  • Azure: Translucent blue frames and arms
  • Dark Tortoise: Mix of brown, black, and gray swirled pattern

There are both shiny and matte frame finishes to match your personal style. Keep in mind the green lens color remains constant across all color options. Visit the Persol website to browse all the different PO5003ST color combinations currently available.

Do these sunglasses come with prescription lenses or can prescription lenses be added?

The sunglasses only include the standard non-prescription polarized green lenses. However, you can easily have prescription lenses added by taking them to your optometrist. The glass lenses are able to be replaced with your customized prescription lenses. Your optometrist can swap out the lenses while keeping the Persol titanium frames fully intact. This enables you to enjoy the PO5003ST style with the vision correction you need. Adding prescription lenses will add to the total cost but is definitely possible with these glasses.

What type of warranty or protections does Persol offer on the PO5003STs?

Persol provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This protects your purchase from damage that results from regular use over the first 2 years. Additionally, Persol sunglasses bought from authorized retailers will come with a protective case, cleaning cloth, and certificate of authenticity/warranty card. Always save your receipt/proof of purchase and these included items to reference for warranty coverage. Be sure to buy from a verified Persol seller to ensure your shades are covered.


In summary, the Persol PO5003ST Round Sunglasses are an excellent choice if you’re seeking stylish and protective shades made by a renowned Italian eyewear company. The polarized green lenses are top-notch at reducing glare and fully blocking UV rays to benefit your eye health.

Constructed from flexible titanium, the rounded double bridge frames offer a secure and comfortable fit ideal for daily wear. While premium in price, the PO5003STs deliver premium quality and craftsmanship that reflects Persol’s decades-long heritage.

From the precisely engineered Meflecto temples to the crystal-tempered lenses, every component is built to last. For those drawn to the mid-century pilot aesthetic, the Persol PO5003STs provide modernized retro flair. Whether you need driving shades, outdoor sports eyewear, or just a fashionable pair of sunglasses for everyday wear, these

Persol sunglasses check all the boxes. Just take care of your investment by storing in the included case and cleaning with the microfiber cloth. So don’t settle for cheap shades that won’t stand the test of time or protect your eyes. Invest in the PO5003STs to enjoy lasting style, vision clarity, and UV protection when you’re out in the sun.

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